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Psychic Nova x3615 stars Phone Reading

I had a wonderful reading with her and plan to take her advice. My phone got choppy at points but that was not her fault. I look forward to my future because of Nova. Thank you


Psychic Anthony x8064 stars Phone Reading

My phone started to break up and I couldn’t really hear the end of what he was saying, but from what I did hear he is spot on and the best ever. I’m going to reset my phone and call back.


Psychic Wanda x4867 stars Phone Reading

She gave me confidence in what is about to transpire in my life along with a caution. I will heed your warning and be grateful.


Psychic Tansy x4682 stars Phone Reading

Although we ran out of time she is truly gifted and appreciated. Thank you so much for providing me with not just clarity but a reason as well


Psychic Angel x4799 stars Phone Reading

This time we didn’t connect. My POI does not go backwards so if we were to separate he would move on not come back. Also we are getting along better then we have in the last month so I don’t know why we would break up or just stop talking. Sorry this time she wasn’t in tune with me but she is a great advisor for someone else


Psychic Chanel x3553 stars Phone Reading

Most accurate psychic ever. I love her energy and our conversations.


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Psychic Dorian x4876 stars Phone Reading

Puts my mind at ease and very positive


Psychic Primrose x4866 stars Phone Reading

Wish I had more funds to talk you thank you


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Psychic Eliza x7896 stars Phone Reading

Very accurate


Psychic Amy x7886 stars Phone Reading

She has renewed my faith and gave me something to look forward to. I truly appreciate her