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Psychic Cory x7690

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  • Specialties: Love Psychic, Intuitive/Empath, Clairaudient
  • Tools: Tarot
  • Reading Style: Compassionate

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  • Career & Finances - 116
  • Life, Destiny & Meaning - 108
  • Loss & Grieving - 87
  • Love, Relationships & Family - 200

More About Cory

Years of Experience: 20

Cory is clairsentient, claircognizant, and an empath. She's been reading professionally for over twenty years. Her depth of realization has come through her own innate understanding of metaphysics, as well as from a multiplicity of more formal studies including Reiki and other energy healing.

Cory connects with the energy field of the person inquiring. She then tunes in deeply to her guidance to discover the big picture surrounding the questions and concerns you have. This allows her to distill clear answers as well as assist you in navigating your path. She uses her psychic perceptions, along with the tarot, to assist you. She communicates with compassion, an open mind, a non-judgmental directness, and a sense of humor. Cory specializes in love relationships, spirituality, and life questions. Her intention is to guide you beyond your life storms to peace, bring clarity to your confusion, be a soothing balm, an ear to listen, and add lightness to your heart.

Words of Wisdom

" If you believe it, it will come true. "- Unknown

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4½ stars (60 Most Recent Ratings)

788 reviews since Mar 2006

Featured Review anthonys 3/30/2018 stars Phone Reading

Cory conveys reading in a genuine thoughtful way. Thanks for the advice!!

Wendy2000 4/16/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thanks! ;-)

Wendy2000 4/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Cory. Awesome.

Crazyinlove 4/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

I love you. I love your advice. I love your messages After our calls. Cory, you’ve become a great friend these past few months. I’m growing more confident and starting to love me more. I didn’t get a chance to tell you, but Tim promised me last weekend (his idea) that he would go to 2 family events a month. I was SHOCKED! Not going to hold my breath because he has been traveling and working more. But I appreciated that he said that. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I read your messages over and over to remind myself that I CAN do this. I have to work on me. I’m the one in a trillion for him. Hugs

Rhenriques 4/6/2018 stars Phone Reading

I seem to have really connected well with Cory. Unlike many other readings I’ve done, she took the time to validate things about me as opposed to just proceed with the reading. It made it more genuine and me more engaged. Confirming a lot of the thoughts I felt around Love/Relationships and Career, she was able to give me great guidance for my future. Happy to say, I woke up the next morning feeling empowered. Don’t know if what she said will happen but I’m certain that if I manifest it, all things will work itself out. Lastly, she said something that will resonate with me for a long time: faith is believing in what you can’t see. I’ve always had faith and really needed to hear that, so thanks, Cory!!

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