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Psychic Empress x4676

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  • Specialties: Intuitive/Empath, Clairsentient, Love Psychic
  • Tools: Can Read Without Tools, Tarot, Angel Cards
  • Reading Style: Thoughtful

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More About Empress

Years of Experience: 15

Hi! I am an empathic intuitive with over 14 years of experience as a reader. I have a Bachelor's degree in Health & Wellness, and I am also a certified Intuitive Coach. For as long as I can remember, I have always dreamed of helping people in some way. When I was younger, I would tell people I wanted to be a nurse, and for the longest time, that was my intention. I communicate with the angelic realm and the Ascended Masters to help provide humanity with clarity, insight, and guidance on the next steps in life. I use Tarot & Oracle cards as my tools, but I find that I don't need them. I use my empathic abilities to read your energies and the energies around you as it gives me greater access and provides me with a full picture of how I can assist you. Spirit, the angels, and ascended masters use me as a vessel to deliver the messages your soul and heart need to hear the most. 

My communication with the angels began at a very young age. My childhood companion was Archangel Michael. Although I didn't know who he was until I turned 15 when he revealed himself to me. Since that day, I have been using my gifts to help others cope, move on, or heal in whatever way they needed to. What makes me unique is that the messages I receive for anyone I read for is channeled through me from my angels, your angels, guides, or ascended masters if they are working with you. These channeled messages help you move past hurdles that have held you back in life or from being successful and happy. All of the messages that come through are delivered to you in a loving, non-judgemental way. My goal and purpose as your reader are to make sure that I provide you with the steps, solutions, guidance, inspiration, and motivation you need to help you become the greatest version of yourself. As your reader, I aspire to give you clarity that will help you find joy and happiness. 

If you need clarity in any area of your life, please feel free to reach out to me so I can give you the guidance and tools needed to shift you into becoming the creator of your own destiny. 

Words of Wisdom

You must find the place inside yourself where nothing is impossible. - Deepak Chopra

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5 reviews since Feb 2021

Featured Review benjamin4055 3/29/2021 stars Chat Reading

Such a great experience! Gave me some great insights and clarity on my career situation.

RedVelvetCat 4/21/2021 stars Chat Reading

Thank you. You were honest, and it resonated. I feel this was what I needed to hear the most regarding my situation. I kept denying that patience was what I need because I'm so frustrated and been feeling so punished in regards to love. So successful in all other aspects of life, except the one thing I really want the most... I'm still unsure if love will ever happen again—because it feels as if the Universe has been super cruel in that aspect of my life, but I'll try to focus on healing more. Hopefully, love will come to me again—and hopefully it will stay.

travel123 3/24/2021 stars Chat Reading

Awesome thank you

Gifth1 3/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

Empress did a great job, she answered the question quickly and knew the current situation without asking any questions.

RobinU 3/15/2021 stars Phone Reading

This was my 1st. time talking with Empress, just thought I would like to try someone new. OMG she was wonderful connected very quickly understood the situation, nonjudgmental, and so very easy to talk to. I am looking forward to our next conversation.

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