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Published Date 5/29/2018
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Oracle Readings are distinctly different from a Tarot Card Reading

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Years ago the word oracles came up and I remember the conversation verbatim. I had never heard the word before. It struck my fancy as I was very tuned in already to angelic messages, purpose, feeling angels present, using and appreciating the gift of the beautiful winged creatures the angels, but who are the oracles in the scrolls? I had never understood the term, so I set out to do my research.

There's always a lot of chatter around the origin, nature and purpose of the angels but what about the Oracles? The angels offer Oracle messages and are a form of Oracle readings, if you wish to consult the Angels or Archangels as the holy ones in sharing their messages for your current life situation. Other deities, goddesses, gods, animals, and ancestors also offer Oracle messages so there are many types of oracle readings, all of which are very exciting.

Oracles are mentioned in the Bible and acknowledged in history as divine truths, divine messages sent through a seer or someone who can see and then verbalize the message itself to whoever is asking. Research shows the word mentioned in various forms of scripture and is always meant to be “the holy messages from a deity or God.”

Divine Messages Coming from the Holy Temple or Holy Place 

A temple is often referred to as being the human body. Our bodies are considered a “temple of God,” so indeed oracle messages from God or divine Universal messages can come from an individual, high priest or priestess, god or goddesses, in the temple or church of God or from an individual or animal living or passed from earthly life.

Ways Oracle Readings and Messages are Different from Other General, Tarot or Energy Readings:

  • The oracle decks or cards have any number of cards per deck unlike tarot cards which have 78 cards, are organized in different suits, and are designed around a deity or theme.
  • Rather than the structure of the deck, the oracle cards are designed to enhance your own intuition and “thinking abilities.”
  • They are meant to give advice yet open to individual interpretations vs. the pretty much rock-solid interpretations of the Tarot.
  • An Oracle deck is very thoughtful, offering inspiration, and is vastly different than Tarot which can have somber messages of truth.  

Types of Oracle Card Readings 

1. An Oracle Energy Reading – where you are being read with energy and the energy from the divine is offered in the mind and not using the oracle decks or cards.

2. Archangel Oracle Reading – using either energy or archangel oracle cards. This is a reading with messages from archangels

3. Goddess Oracle Reading – a Goddess Oracle deck or energy reading provides information using various Goddesses which are angelic and loving and want to help you in your life.

When to Choose Oracle Cards vs. Tarot Cards?

Oracle messages are profound and very important, so it would benefit anyone to get an oracle reading. Oracle messages are messages that you need to fulfill a purpose, not whether you should buy a house or return to an ex, though these messages are important to true enough, these are not the messages you will get in an oracle card or energy reading.

Improving your own intuition using Oracle cards is another reason to choose them. Tarot cards are thought to have hard-hitting information and to predict, whereby the oracle cards have smaller, more digestible messages and can (and will) improve your own intuition. 

We're offered divine information and insight in nearly every culture or way of thinking, religious thought included. We are given the tools to put us on the right path, be it scripture, divine writings or verbal messages through nature, animals and spirit creatures. In our lives, we are aware that there is profound knowledge for each of us and to be a seeker of divine truth, sounds crazy right???  Well it’s just the opposite of crazy… seeking divine truth is smart!

Being obstinate to any tool that can help us see more is like being obstinate and not using the wheel of a car to navigate, as if it could simply get there on its own. Enjoy your own Oracle reading today and find clarity for your current situation.

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