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Guided Meditation - Ways to Honor the Energy of The Fall Equinox

Date 6/3/2024
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There are two equinoxes every year, one when we transition from light to dark (the fall equinox) and one where we transition from dark to light again (the spring equinox). The energy of the equinoxes are all about balance, and taking a step back to honor the space between the light and dark.

When you connect your intention to the energy of the earth’s cycles around you, it gives them a bit of a boost, making it easier to successfully manifest what you want. Though there are similarities between both equinoxes, fall equinox energy lends itself well to work that is inner focused, or towards simply letting go of things that don’t serve you. Here are several things to do that are aligned with the energy of the fall equinox:


Literally get rid of all the material things that aren’t serving you now, like the dress you haven’t worn in forever or a knickknack that’s collecting dust on your shelf. Increase the good energy around this action by opting to donate whatever you can instead of throwing it out.

Electronic Fasting

It’s easier to start looking inward when you eliminate outward distractions. It might be hard, but even taking one hour to consciously stay away from electronic input (and yes this includes social media on your phone) can help clear your mind a little and help you reconnect with yourself.

Start a Dream Journal

Keeping a dream journal is a great idea at any point in the year. But starting one or recommitting to your practice can help you get more in tune with your subconscious mind, which harmonizes well with the energy at this time of year.


Taking the time to examine who you are and come to terms with parts of yourself that you aren’t so fond of can be one of the most difficult, yet most rewarding things you can do. When you start to get clear on the things that hold you back from the life you want, it’s much easier to change them. Talking to a psychic can be enormously helpful with this process.


Mediation is the ultimate way of tuning in with who you are deep inside. You can also set intentions when you meditate to match the energy of the season. Some things to try are:

-going within to find your light

-learning to get cozy with yourself/ discover what you need to feel cozy and secure

-learning to get comfortable with who you are


The mediation here will help you to honor the pauses in your life so you can better reconnect to your center and get clearer about what no longer serves you.

Whatever way you choose to observe the equinox, we hope it is filled with peace and balance.

"Sacred Pause"

Fall Equinox Meditation Copy

Take a deep breath in. Hold it. Let all the air out. Hold it. Let’s do that again. Deep breath in. Pause. Deep breath out. Pause. Be aware of your breath as you listen to the sound of my voice.

The world consists of patterns within patterns. The earth too has moments when it is sending energy out and when it draws into itself. When the earth is putting out energy, this is the light half of the year. Pulling in is the dark half. And between these two halves, there is always a pause. This pause is a time of transition. Transitions are sacred. Pauses are sacred.

In the northern hemisphere we are about to enter the dark half of the year. This is a perfect time to go deep within, connect to your core, remember or reaffirm what serves you, and shed all that does not.

Deep breath in. Pause. Deep breath out. Pause.

Pauses are natural places of balance. It is within the pauses where can hear our Truest Self speak. Let’s take a moment to feel centered in the peace of the Universe so that we can hear our truest voice.

Visualize a beam of golden light coming from your right hand side. It connects directly to your heart chakra filling it with peace. Now a similar golden beam comes from behind you, also connecting to your heart chakra and adding to the peace within. Another golden beam comes in from the left. Another from the front. One coming from beneath your feet. One coming from above your head. All connecting you to your heart chakra. Take several moments to feel the energies from all sides mingling in your heart. And now take that time to feel the energy start to grow out from your heart, enveloping you in a cocoon of golden light. You are safe and protected by the Universe’s loving energy here, perfectly balanced, and perfectly paused.

Remember you are safe here in this pause.

Now, call to mind something that has been a stumbling block for you. Something that has been keeping you from living your best life. Call to mind clearly if you can, but if you find yourself becoming agitated stop and reconnect to the loving Universe energy around you on all sides and feel how it holds and radiates from your heart. Take advantage of this moment of pause to put some emotional distance between you and this stumbling block.

Now ask the Universe for help with this this. Ask it to send you an answer in a form you will understand. Be open to any mental images, words, or sounds that come to mind. If no answer is readily accessible, trust that the Universe will deliver it in time through signs and synchronicities that resonate with your soul.

Deep breath in. Pause. Deep breath out. Pause.

Thank the Universe for its help in this matter. Send back the loving energy back in the directions they came, mixed with your gratitude.

Deep breath in. Pause. Deep breath out. Pause.

Know that you have the ability to look inward, just as the Earth does, at any time you need to replenish your soul. Like the earth, you too have times when you are more outwardly productive and times when the work is inward focused. Neither is superior to the other. Both are necessary for balance. The earth needs this balance. You need this balance. Recognize the need to pause is sacred. And so it is.


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