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Find Your Life Purpose

Date 10/19/2022
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What Is My Purpose?

Your life's purpose is the project or activity that gives you a unique sense of fulfillment. This is the task that you were created for. It's not always found in your job, so it's important to know how to identify that purpose and find where it's hiding.

Why Am I Here?

Often it's when we are contemplating a new job or career shift that we’re nudged into contemplating the broader questions. These transition moments offer unique and powerful opportunities to step away from questions of “what’s next?” with respect to the practical issues of meeting needs, facing fears, and finding happiness or success. They allow us to contemplate our legacy, and question what our Soul has come here to do.

Where Do I Begin?

Because the question of life purpose can feel so abstract, it's helpful, to begin with some basic exploration and drill down deeper as you go. So grab a journal and start writing!

Identify Your Talents

Make a list of the things that you're naturally talented at. Your life's purpose is often linked to the innate gifts that you were born with. After meditating on your own opinion of your strengths and talents, seek insights from others. Ask friends, family members, and co-workers what they think you're best at. You may discover some unexpected truths.

Explore Your Passions

Your true life's purpose is something that you're passionate about. What ignites strong feelings in you? Are you enraged by ocean pollution, deeply drawn to children in the foster system, or fascinated by the possibilities for hydroponic gardening? The things you have a meaningful connection to will spark a deeply emotional response.

If you're not sure what you're passionate about, start exploring. Take a yoga class, attend a gardening seminar for beginners, try a wine and paint night, or attend a music festival. Branch out and see what sparks a flame. A live psychic chat can point you in the right direction if you don't know where to start.

Seek Guidance

Sometimes it's difficult to assemble the puzzle of your life's purpose. Your talents and passions will give you some of the pieces, but you're still tasked with putting them all together. Seek outside guidance for fresh insights. Get a tarot reading, talk to a career counselor, meditate with this Guided Meditation Podcast "What Your Soul Knows," or pray on the issue. This can help you to arrange the puzzle pieces in a way that lets you see the bigger picture.

Make Room for Change

Truly pursuing your life's purpose often requires radical change. It's important to understand that the passions and talents you had as a child may not define your life's purpose as an adult. If you don't feel that you're connected to your true purpose, don't be afraid to let go of staples in your life that no longer inspire passion. Like cleaning out your closet, letting go of things that don't spark joy can make room for something wonderful and new.

Put It All Together

Once you've found the causes and activities that light you up, you need to incorporate them into your life anywhere you can. It's ideal if you can pursue these as a career, but your day job doesn't always have to incorporate your life's purpose. It may simply fund the lifestyle that truly fulfills your passion. Earning a paycheck that helps you nurse abandoned animals back to health is every bit as valid as working full-time in an animal shelter. There are endless ways that your purpose might fit in.

The Search for Meaning

The search for meaning can take us all over the map, and the discovery process can feel daunting. There are plenty of societal messages promising meaning in material possessions, social status, and ‘successful” relationships – all of which are external to ourselves. But the path of self-discovery is an inward journey, and a unique purpose exists within each of us, just waiting to come forward to help us align our goals with our purpose and passion. We just need to follow our inner guidance to find it.

Know Who You Truly Are and What You Truly Want

Sometimes, it takes an objective viewpoint, a gifted facilitator or a guide to see the forest when you’re focused on the trees. Your true purpose may be right in front of you, and a call with an Intuitive Advisor can help you see it clearly. The investment is well worth it because when you find your true purpose, everything clicks into place. Open your heart and mind to fresh possibilities and the universe will often respond.

Now that you've begun seeking your life's purpose, get ready for something special to find you.


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