Connecting With Your Angels by Psychic Alexia

Published Date 12/26/2012
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Get to know your angels

It's comforting to know that there are angels around us.  However, unless we connect with them we won't feel their effect or get help from them.

Angels are specially created beings who have never been and will never be human.  This is in contrast to spirits who have been human and have died and have crossed over to the other side.  We also have ghosts who are dead humans who have refused to, or are unable to cross over to the other side.  

It is possible to connect with angels. There  are also various types of angels. We have the Guardian Angel who is assigned to us at conception.  This angel was sent to earth with us as our protector. We can communicate with our Guardian Angel. The first thing to do is to relax and meditate. At that time, ask your Guardian Angel for his or her name.  It will come to you slowly or quickly depending on your spiritual growth and progress. Once you get the name, write it down in a safe place.  Thereafter, call on your Guardian Angel by name and communicate and connect with him or her.  The type of response you receive from your Guardian Angel will depend on your spiritual growth. The more you work on your spirituality and intuitive powers, the quicker and clearer of a connection you will have.  Spirituality and intuitive powers grow and become more powerful through regular meditation and visualization. 

There are also angels who come around us when we pray. They too join in worship of God with us when we pray. You may feel or sense a presence around you as you pray, depending on your spiritual growth.  There are also angels who are sent to earth by God for specific purposes.  Some are sent to help us in certain circumstances we may be facing at any given moment.  It is difficult for the unsuspecting eye or the undeveloped intuitive person to recognize this type of angel.  They do have a special glow and glossy look to them, and they suddenly appear, seemingly out of nowhere, possessing detailed knowledge of what we are experiencing and indeed about us personally.  It can be a very scary or numbing experience, but always a very helpful one. These angels take on varying appearances as necessary, in order to appear pleasing to the human being they are sent to assist.  They also leave as unexpectedly as they appear.  If you recognize these angels you can communicate with them, and get very helpful information and insight from them.  

Finally, some angels are always the ones sent on certain occasions. For example, the Angel of Death is always sent to accompany a dying  person as he or she crosses over. The angel Gabriel is always the one sent to make direct announcements to individuals, who by his appearance to them, are made prophets.  These specialized angels do not communicate with the ones they visit about any matter other than the specified information they were sent to deliver.

If you'd like to tune into your angels or learn more from an Angel readings, please give me a call.

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