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Angels and the Power of 11:11

Date 11/3/2022
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Pay attention when the clock reads 11:11.

Pay attention when the clock reads 11:11.

Throughout the ages, the Angelic realm has been one of intense fascination for many people of different religious and ethnic backgrounds. Angels have never lived a life upon this planet but have always been messengers and protectors of the human species and the animal kingdom.

Angels are around you all the time, loving you, protecting you, and guiding you. They are a high vibrational energy and frequency. You may receive signs, feel an energy surrounding you or you can ask for specific help.

Receiving Angelic Signs 11:11, 1111
Did you just see 11:11?  Some believe that the actual seeing of this number 11:11, is a sign that angelic beings are close by.  11:11 is also said to bring clarity and guidance.  In seeing the number 11:11 repeatedly, it is a sign from the Angelic realm to take notice of where you are in your life, your associations with people, your career, the thoughts you think, where you are focusing your attention.  It is an angelic message for you to decode.

11:11 is a number that has been written about extensively.  It is considered a very high ascended master number.  Ascended masters, such as Buddha, Quan Yin, Jesus Christ who have impacted humanity and shifted the vibrational energy of our earth throughout the ages.  You are being sent a message that you are a divine aspect in human form.  You are here to make a positive difference in the lives of many or in the life of just one. 

Here are some spiritual reasons and meanings of why you are seeing the number pattern 11:11 or 1111.  

Opportunity Portal
Some consider 11:11 to be a portal, an opening, an energetic doorway for you to pay attention to your thoughts. take stock of your life and prepare for opportunities to come your way.  Focused attention on whatever you are intensely thinking about will manifest in physical reality.  If your thoughts trigger an unpleasant or negative feeling, know you can shift your thoughts to a more positive way of thinking.

In other words, 11:11 is an angelic message to monitor your thoughts with greater attention and focus on the things you want to manifest in your world.

Shift Your Feelings
You attract whatever you are mainly thinking about.  It is not only that you think positive thoughts but the energetic or vibrational feeling within you that creates or draws those experiences to you. Shift your feelings to a high vibrational state of excitement.  In other words, you can have a positive thought or affirmation but still have a feeling of worry or dread.  Recall a feeling of excitement, for example when you win unexpected money, receive an unexpected gift… that is the “feeling” of excitement.

Set a Focused Intention & Take Action
Seeing, the number 11:11 is one way for the Angels to get your attention, to pay attention to your life and your inner pathway.  What changes have you wanted to make in your life?  What associations would you like to change?   What plans do you want to implement now and not wait?  Follow your potential and find your purpose.

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