8 Ways to Destress Your Life and Improve Your Health by Psychic Source

Published Date 10/23/2013
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Look good, feel good!

Look good, feel good!

High levels of stress put you at a greater risk for health problems including heart disease, obesity, and depression. Though it's impossible for most people to avoid stress altogether, there are many things that you can do to lower your stress levels and keep up a healthy calm.

1. Keep a Gratitude Journal
It's easy to fall into the habit of focusing on negative thoughts. Battle this tendency by keeping a journal of the positive. Each night before bed write about only the good parts of your day. This will force you to focus on the things you have to feel thankful for.

2. Find Exercise You Enjoy
Physical activity is a great stress buster. If you associate exercise with horrible 80s aerobics tapes, get out of this rut by exploring a variety of activities. Anything that gets your heart pumping will do. Try hiking, yoga, Pilates, dance, bike riding, walking the dog, or playing hard at the park with your kids.

3. Learn to Laugh
Laughter really is good medicine. Your muscles will stay relaxed for as long as 45 minutes after a good laugh. Try listening to comedians or watching funny videos on the Internet. Strive to find something humorous to get a good chuckle out of every day.

4. Meditate For Spirituality
Whatever your spiritual beliefs are, you'll benefit from meditating quietly on them. An online psychic reading can give you some food for thought if you're feeling stuck in this area. Whether you focus on prayer, a mantra, or nothing at all, this quiet time is a healthy daily practice.

5. Get Up Early
Getting up even fifteen minutes early can help you fight stress by giving you a little extra time each day to spend on yourself. Stretch, read, meditate, take a bath, or just watch the sun come up with a hot cup of tea. Refuse to do anything stressful in this bonus time -- it's a little gift to yourself.

6. Unplug Once a Day
Many stress triggers come with our constant connections to the outside world. Once a day, step away from the computer and turn off your phone. You can return missed calls and answer emails later. Take at least 20 minutes to just step back from technology.

7. Step Back
If you're feeling trapped in a negative situation, it can help to step back and check it from another point of view. Talking to a live psychic may give you the insights you need to take a more positive look at the future and nix some of that stress.

8. Puzzle it Out
Sudoku is a surprising stress reliever that you can engage in easily. Try to complete one puzzle each week. When you're working on Sudoku, your mind stays occupied with that simple numerical task, allowing you to let go and forget about the other worries plaguing you.

Incorporate these stress relief tactics into your life regularly and you'll enjoy better mental and physical health as a result.

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