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Next Level Astrology: A Guided Meditation to Shift Towards Your North Node

Date 5/30/2024
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Understand the meaning of the North Node in modern astrology and how you can work with its energies as you move through this lifetime with this guided meditation.

We’ve all heard the term “True North” in the context of some inner guide or inner calling directing us towards the grander purpose in our lives.  Did you know this concept exists in astrology as the True Node, or the North Node?  Did you also know that not only is there a general North and South Node position that travels through the signs just the same as the sun, the moon and the planets, and that you yourself have a personal North Node that is a part of your natal birth chart? 

For more on how to calculate your personal North Node please see our North Node Astrology Calculator. The symbol for the North Node in a natal chart appears similar to a set of wired headphones and exists exactly opposite of the South Node which is not traditionally called out in natal charts, but you know it is there.  If you do happen to run across the symbol for the South Node it will appear, you got it, as an upside-down set of wired headphones.

North Node in Astrology

What is the North Node in Astrology?

In ancient times the first known astrologers were known as astral omen diviners. They looked to the skies to tell them what was likely to happen or to indicate certain themes that people could expect to arise. These astral omen diviners would then pass along their predictions to the leaders of their communities so they could make effective decisions. Today, due to the internet and the increasing numbers of tarot and astrology practitioners available, this information is now available to everyone.  

The North and South Nodes are not planets or stars but rather fixed mathematical points on the moon. For this reason, they are sometimes referred to as lunar nodes. The South Node represents where we have come from. This encompasses past themes that are coming up so that they can be released, systems that are weakening or have lessening influences, and past life karma. The North Node represents where we are going from an evolutionary perspective.

In that sense the definition of “True North” being our inner guide or inner compass might not be entirely accurate - we are way more likely to feel aligned with our South Node than our North Node. The South Node represents our patterns, our habits, our ingrained skills that feel natural to us that may no longer be serving us. The North Node may feel less comfortable and familiar to us, but it’s the voice that is calling us to transcend our past patterns and belief systems so that we can grow into what our soul is truly calling us to be. 

Easy right? Not so much. Us tarot readers would be out of a job if it were that simple. But tarot readers and querants alike can both be rest assured - this is a lifelong princess and it is meant to be enjoyed and explored rather than endured.

North Node Example

How About an Example?

Funny you asked. The lunar nodes moved into Taurus (North) and Scorpio (South) in January of 2022, and they will be changing to the Aries/Libra axis In July of 2023. What do we mean by axis? Well, as we mentioned earlier the South and the North nodes are always opposite of one another. How else are we supposed to grow if we aren’t asked to do the exact opposite of what is comfortable? In astrology, it’s important to remember that to gain a full understanding of a concept it is critical to understand its exact opposite. Basically, we must understand where we came from in order to navigate where we are going; to find our True North so to speak.

So on to that example.  

Since January of 2022 we’ve had the South Node in Scorpio and the North Node in Taurus. The South Node generally weakens whatever it touches. We all know Scorpio is about transformation but that it has a darker side as well. Scorpio can be controlling and tends to be financially conservative but bold and decisive in well-planned actions. It is a fixed sign which tends to like things to stay the way they are.

Well…that’s a challenge currently in society, so Scorpio is somewhat weakened as its playbook isn’t always a perfect fit in an environment of changes and shifts. Scorpio also rules taxation and the financial system which has certainly had its share of challenges over the past 18 months!  

Now let’s see what the North Node has been up to. The North Node has been in Taurus, also a fixed sign which is concerned with resources, food, and stability. We’ve seen rapid inflation, soaring home and rent prices, and gas prices that strain our budgets. All Taurean subjects as Taurus rules the second house of resources (for more on the houses visit the Astrology House Section of our Guide.)

So this is painting a picture of an axis, the opposites, and what they have in common and how they differ, and more importantly how one skill set can lead into another which feels uncomfortable, unpredictable, but yet it is set up for success due to its similarities. The North Node can also be somewhat of a trickster-think about all the funny memes we’ve seen over the price of eggs!

The message is to use what you have learned to get you where you are going.

Soon the nodes will be moving onto the Libra/Aries axis. Again, opposite signs that compliment each other. Libra is associated with beauty and the planet of Venus. It can be wonderfully harmonious, but Libra can also be a bit wishy-washy as it can get bogged down in analysis paralysis trying to see all views. This is the upcoming South Node, which is typically weakened. So we might see in general an attitude of decisiveness where there may have been wavering previously in an attempt to analyze all options, or there might be situations where decisive action is required.  

Aries is associated with Mars, which is very action-oriented and can be somewhat solidarity in polarity to Libra which considers all. This is the upcoming North Node. The next 18 months could be very favorable times for swift action, but these actions may not always be the best thought out!

Now that you understand the North and South Nodes a bit better, you can look for upcoming societal themes that you see play out as they relate to these mystical unseen mathematical points on the moon. That’s the point though, right? That is why we’re all here; to try to find a glimpse into the unseen.

North Node Life and Relationships

So What Does that Mean in My Life and My Relationships?

Great question. Not much, just trying to transcend past relationship patterns and generational karma to move into your best expression of self on our journey as a human. No pressure, right?  

It’s a question all tarot readers get… why this again?

Each of us have what is called a natal chart, meaning the snapshot of the skies at the exact time we made our debut into this incarnation. We all have a personal placement for the sun, the moon, all of the planets and yes, we have a South and North node which can give us clues as to our strengths and weaknesses, and where our True North lies.

The lunar nodes again can’t be seen but they can be the keys to our greatest dilemmas in this life - our relationships to others. The South Node tells us what we’re good at but we see that not always working. The majority of inquiries that tarot readers receive are about relationships that just don’t work but people still don’t want to let go of them. That could be an example of South Node energy being comfortable but just not really working for our highest good anymore. The sign and house of our North Node can give us some clues as to how we can transcend these patterns and work into our North Node energy on our path to our true happiness in this lifetime. 

Now that you know about the nodes, think about what this means in the context of your relationships and career, or just general life path. Where have you been and where do you want to go? Does the path to happiness feel unnatural? Or is it calling you to transcend and transform? The South Node/North Node axis may be an extremely helpful compass on your path to finding True North.

The attached guided meditation is related to the constant change that we experience as the nodes change broken down to the way the days change.  Relax, enjoy, and settle into the energy of change, the only constant. 


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Azure is a tarot reader, collective energy channeler, and an astrologist who is currently studying rune casting and recently began creating guided meditations based on channeled information. Like most in the healing arts, her gifts sat on the shelf for several years as she navigated everyday life, gaining the experience she now understands she gained to support her reading practice. She began studying astrology several years ago as a supplement to her collective energy practice.

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