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Healing in the Quantum Field Podcast by Psychic Lacey

Date 6/27/2023
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Let go of your tensions and allow healing energy to flow through your seven energetic bodies with this guided meditation by Psychic Lacey.

To heal the Quantum Field, one must understand what it is and how it works. We should not see the Quantum Field as a separate entity as it is part of our own energy field and our physical being flowing together with the frequency of Consciousness all around us. Mediation and Quantum healing works hand in hand together when it comes to healing our emotions, illness, disease, and mental obstruction. The technique of combining Meditation together with our Quantum Healing goes beyond our own limited beliefs, past programming and the paradigm that we call reality.

When we consciously seek healing, we start to put quantitative energy into motion to perform quantum healing which allows us to override or break away from our view or our believe in illness. We can mold the quantum field just like we can mold clay which will change the energy field around us. Science has proven that the observer determines the outcome therefore when we observe any illness, disease or mental matter that is not supportive of us we have the power through positive visualization to change and release the negative energy through setting our intentions to replace the illness through mental pictures of healing and love.

Setting our intentions to change the outcome and to visualize a positive outcome is an immensely powerful process that instantly manifests on a spiritual level before manifesting into the physical realm. The manifestation energy can take a couple of days before it properly filters through into the physical body. When healing is delayed, it is mostly due to our own past limiting belief system that is stored in our Subconscious minds. We can easily break away from the limiting energy that was created by us through our emotions and thoughts by setting a clear intention and a defined new goal.

Quantum Healing can heal the body, mind/soul, and spirit by our strong belief in the power behind the Quantum Field. The secret is not just to set our intention to be healed but more so to have a clear picture in the theater of our mind of a healthy body. When we visualize with the end in mind then energy quantum jumping easily takes place which then simultaneously speeds up the total manifestation process.

As Spiritual beings, we are powerful beyond comprehension therefore we have the power to heal ourselves and our own energy fields by incorporating a positive mindset. Although we all have the power to do so, many people opt in for healing by qualified Quantum healers who understand the mechanics and the healing process behind the Quantum field.

Quantum Healing can take place over a distance and there are many Healers’ offering “Distant Healing sessions” as there is no separation in the Quantum Field as we are all interconnected with the universe and all of creation. In this space of healing, when we trust the process and we accept the healing or the energy then the negative properties are removed, cleansed, and cleared which will make us feel restored, healed, and revitalized. The moment the Quantum healing takes place, and we accept the healing to be successful it starts to positively change our vibration or our energy field through which instant healing or the desired outcome manifest into the physical body.

The Quantum field, which is part of our Auric field, our Chakra system, our 7 Energy bodies are all charged with a universal frequency. As all of creation carries an energy field that vibrates at different frequencies these fields keep us interconnected with all of creation as we know it.

When we are born into this life, we are born with Universal frequencies but unfortunately due to traumatic life experiences and stress, our high frequencies start to diminish, and we start to carry a much lower vibration or frequency. Where attention goes energy flows, so the Universal principle of the Law of Attraction gets triggered, and we attract whatever we focus on. It is not what we say, it is what we vibrate. Therefore we attract the same people, experiences, thoughts, and feelings on the same level that we vibrate on. Although our intentions might be good but the field around us will attract whatever we focus on even that what we often say we do not want.

It is very important to work on our energy fields day by day to keep it oscillating at a high vibration and energy. Raising our vibration is very much like climbing a ladder, step by step we must keep our focus and intention on our energy field to build it up to match the Universal frequencies. Our mindset, believes and programming are the signals we send out, hence why mental and emotional healing are so important to live life to its fullest. We might not always understand energy or how it all works, but just by trusting and believing you can heal yourself will start to put the Universal Forces in motion to manifest your dreams and desires.

Doctors have seen the power of this kind of healing but unfortunately this type of energy has been disregarded by many as there is no proof in science and medicine of how these powerful energies manifest through time and space. Embrace the knowledge that you carry within you the seed to heal and to create a life of abundance and prosperity that you desire. Never allow limiting belief systems to stand in your way but embrace the power behind Universal quantum healing and belief that you have the power to be your own healer. Know that through Quantum healing and the Quantum field that you can heal yourselves just by changing your focus, your vibration. Trust and believe in your new paradigms and set of beliefs.

Please enjoy this guided mediation to help and assist you in raising your vibration, to heal your body and to acknowledge that you are a being of light, capable of healing beyond your dreams…


Much Love and Light

Psychic Lacey 3635

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Lacey’s experience of working on trauma to assist adults and children over many years have led to the believe and proof that we can alter the past to change the future. Trauma healing is a wonderful gift you can give yourself as you can heal the physical, etheric, astral, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes. Lacey uses meditation as a tool to create internal healing and to create a safe space for deep rooted healing. Lacey feels excited to help and guide, step by step for you to find your map within you. The one your soul and spirit will guide you to find in this lifetime. 


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