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How to Trust Your Intuition by Psychic Hope

Date 6/10/2024
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Learning how to trust your intuition is spiritually and mentally rewarding. This guided meditation by Psychic Hope will help you grow that trust.

Have you ever experienced a gut feeling that turned out to be spot-on? Can you predict plot twists in movies with eerie accuracy? Do you have a sixth sense for detecting ill intentions in others? If any of this resonates with you, then you possess a powerful intuition! The real question is: how frequently do you rely on or heed your intuition? Do you know how to trust your intuition?

Strengthening trust in your intuition has practical as well as spiritual benefits. Building trust in your intuitive powers is pivotal for cultivating lasting self-assurance. It not only aids in making sounder decisions but also shields you from unsatisfactory relationships and gives you the clarity necessary to navigate your journey forward. While it may feel like magic (especially in those moments when you faithfully follow your intuition), there are concrete methods to deepen your trust in it, thereby enabling you to make wiser choices for your life.

It takes some faith and confidence, along with some practice, to trust yourself. In this publication, I will be providing some spiritual guidance and a powerful meditation on how to deepen trust within your intuition. 

What is Intuition?

First, what is intuition? It's that innate sense, a kind of 'knowing' or gentle nudge signaling that something is amiss, remarkable, or requires our attention. Often subtle, it slips past our notice or gets discounted.

Scientists have explored and delved into intuition, defining it as a bona fide psychological process. They found that the brain swiftly integrates experiences and environmental cues to make decisions, happening so rapidly that it bypasses conscious awareness.

Intuition serves as a channel through which the subconscious communicates with the conscious mind. The information generating that inner knowledge is genuine, residing within our brains. However, the way it puts that information together is beyond our conscious grasp, making it challenging to trust or heed. Every one of us possesses intuition, a tool with the potential to guide us toward our truest potential. Yet, whether we choose to tune in and listen to it remains entirely up to us.

 Trust your intuition

Methods of Building Trust in Your Intuitive Powers

Engage in Meditation for Intuition 

Meditation is the practice of sitting or lying quietly, allowing thoughts to flow naturally without attempting to suppress them. It's about observing these thoughts and feelings without passing judgment. Over time, meditation can enhance your understanding of your thoughts, nudges, and intuition. This practice trains your awareness and fosters a healthy perspective.

Like any skill, learning how to meditate requires patience and dedication, with the journey often outweighing the destination.  If traditional meditation doesn't suit you, simply sitting in silence can be just as effective. Rather than concentrating on your breath, you might focus on a single troubling thought, pray, seek guidance from the Universe, or simply allow yourself to be still and contemplative. Find a method that resonates with you to quiet your mind and create space for inner peace.

Mindfulness Practices  

Mindfulness involves being fully present and aware of your surroundings and actions in the present moment. It means observing without judgment and avoiding overreaction or overwhelming external stimuli. We all possess the ability to be mindful, and through daily practice, we can strengthen this skill.

By honing our mindfulness, we can better access it during times of uncertainty or emotional turbulence. Paying attention to our environment and actions using our five senses or observing our inner thoughts and emotions fosters mindfulness. While simple, mindfulness isn't always easy. Consistent practice reinforces our natural inclination toward mindfulness and deepens trust in our intuition.

Embrace Your Emotions

Take time each day to fully experience and acknowledge your emotions. Whether it's pain, anger, sadness, joy, or excitement, allow yourself to feel deeply. Describe these feelings and emotions to understand them better. 

Emotions often serve as intuitive signals, so by embracing and exploring them, you strengthen your connection to your emotional self. Journaling is an effective tool for this purpose, enabling you to express and process your feelings, leading to a sense of calm and clarity.

Acknowledge Serendipity  

Serendipitous events, occurring unexpectedly for our benefit, often carry intuitive significance. Don’t just dismiss them as coincidences! Pay attention to these occurrences, whether they involve unexpected encounters or patterns in daily life. Take note of recurring symbols or numbers and listen inward for intuitive insights.

You can also ask for signs to guide your decisions and actions, choosing a symbol or object that holds personal significance. By recognizing and honoring serendipitous moments, you strengthen your connection to intuition and remain open to the guidance it provides.

Woman in a yoga pose

Cultivating Body Awareness to Improve Intuition 

Our bodies often signal emotions before our minds fully recognize them. Hence, it's crucial to pay attention to bodily sensations throughout the day to tune into our intuition. Notice where you carry tension or discomfort in your body.

Recognizing physical manifestations of stress or anxiety enables you to identify when your intuition is attempting to communicate with you. By attending to these bodily cues, you can detect intuitive nudges or feelings before they fully manifest, enhancing your connection to your inner self.

Notice Others' Energies  

Have you ever encountered someone and immediately sensed a strong connection or an instant aversion? That's your intuition in action! Particularly for those of us who consider ourselves empaths, being attuned to others' energy can serve as a potent way to deepen trust in our intuition. 

The next time you meet someone new, pay attention to the first impressions you form. They say first impressions are made in less than 27 seconds, so use that brief window to tune into your feelings and any intuitive nudges you might receive.  As you continue to engage with this person over time, revisit your initial intuitive impression and observe how it aligns with your subsequent interactions. If you're actively honing your intuition, chances are your initial intuition will prove accurate!

How to Use Oracle Cards and Tarot for Enhancing Intuition  

You can further cultivate trust in your intuition by drawing a Tarot, Oracle, Affirmation, or similar card. Select a card deck that resonates with you, reflecting your values or personality. When you find yourself feeling uncertain or stuck, draw a card from the deck. The cards may vary in symbolism and mystique, with some featuring single words or phrases. Regardless of the card's message, take time to contemplate its imagery and words, seeking insights into how they might apply to your current situation.

drawing a card

More Spiritual Tips for Trusting Your Intuition

Here are some other easy spiritual tips you can try:

  • Pay attention to your dreams.
  • Get creative.
  • Evaluate your hunches.
  • Escape from your daily routine.
  • Spend time in nature.
  • Learn from the past.
  • Engage in repetitive movements, like running, dancing, cooking, playing music, or painting that bring out your intuitive side.
  • Practice breathing exercises that can help you connect to your intuition.
  • Align with your values.
  • Practice sensing into people before you know them.
  • Read books about how to develop your intuition.
  • Release your resistance.

Each of us possesses intuition and the ability to harness it to unlock our true potential. Even as a psychic medium and intuitive empath, it is necessary to learn to trust your intuition. Whether we choose to heed its guidance is entirely within our control. Utilize the techniques outlined in this article, including my guided meditation, to embark on the journey of strengthening trust within your intuition.

Blessings with love and light!



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