Psychic Harmony x8214

Psychic Harmony x8214

Eloquent and Accepting

4½ stars

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Featured Review starc3410 10/15/2018 stars Phone Reading

Harmony was right on about the things she said about my friend Greg she really made me feel good inside and she is easy to talk to thank you so much Harmony I will be calling her again.

Caseylee 9/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

I had a reading with Harmony a few years ago and that reading was what I shall say an unknown because she was telling me about a future relationship that I would have. Her prediction not only with who she saw (description- their career area)- but also our relationship and how we would interact together. I am with this man. It’s what the reason why I spoke to her again because I felt she is accurate and my only con is that this call she leaned more to spiritual teaching vs providing information. I will accept love and light messages or kind suggestions but wasn’t looking for counseling session and towards the end of the call it had taken that path...

Chela09 9/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

Always wise.

Chela09 9/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

Liked today’s reading. She was realistic.

Chela09 9/5/2018 stars Phone Reading

I love her honesty.

LostJedi 6/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

Idk she picked up on us coming back together, but it felt like she was fishing for answers. She claimed that us being in two different places would change in a month, but he lives in another state and I’m at I doubt that happens. Said we care for each other deeply, that may be true but communication is not the best. Also spoke on commitment and how we pull away but that will change, no clue. All in all it was ok.

Chela09 5/28/2018 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful and accurate.

Chela09 5/28/2018 stars Phone Reading

She shed light into a confusing situation. She’s been right all this time.

Chela09 5/28/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for the accurate prediction.

Chela09 5/24/2018 stars Phone Reading

Wonderful read with details.