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Psychic Ricky x8106

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Featured Review EmilyJane 1/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

I had the pleasure of getting a reading from Ricky last night, and I wanted to say thank you to him. Ricky has an unreal gift as a psychic and he tuned into many different aspects of my situation. Also, Ricky gave very specific details that blew my mind, and showed me that he was the real deal, not that I had any doubt after reading his reviews. Thank you for clarifying my situation, and explaining why I am going through this complicated ordeal right now. You are super awesome Ricky!!

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irstan49 1/17/2019 stars Phone Reading

I have called Ricky a couple of times. This last time he told me a new guy was coming into me with a name of Chris. Well Today I have been talking with a Chris. Not sure if we will meet. If not it will be on his part but really weird. Ricky said he was the one with that name. Fingers crossed. You should call him. Hope he reads this. Thanks Stan

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Lookupon 1/16/2019 stars Phone Reading

Works with me and gives advice for the best course of action needed.... thanks so much.

E426927 1/16/2019 stars Video Reading

Ricky! I tried to add more funds, but I got cut off again, and I'm so sorry I didn't get to say a proper goodbye! You've amazed me with your accuracy. The things you said to look out for, happened. You are encouraging, kind, and most importantly, not afraid to tell me the good and the bad. Thank you for sharing your gift with not only me, but everyone who comes to you for a reading. Kindly - Lauren

Adriannna 1/16/2019 stars Phone Reading

My go to man!

Adriannna 1/16/2019 stars Phone Reading


Chitchat920 1/13/2019 stars Video Reading

Thank you Ricky! Sorry ran out of funds but you were def. worth the wait! Thank you!

Adriannna 1/10/2019 stars Phone Reading


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JEAN1234 1/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Ricky has read for me for over 10 years .. he is totally awesome and always accurate for me .. down to the finest detail.. I just love him.. you rock .. thank you Ricky.. I feel like we are in the same POD my December twin:) thank you!!!

Lookupon 1/9/2019 stars Video Reading

We got cut off...but all is good thanks for the uplift.