Psychic Ricky x8106

Psychic Ricky x8106

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Featured Review fjimenez77 5/14/2019 stars Phone Reading

The best! Simply the very best! He is so accurate it’s amazing! If you want to be blown away by his reading call him! He is great!

Lookupon 5/19/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank u so very much for all that u do for me.

ellijaygirl 5/14/2019 stars Phone Reading

Ricky ! Her name is Ellen Patience ( last name ill keep private on here ) but she is my great grandma on moms side !!!! You had the Ellen part right on ...and I had forgot her name so I went to look on the back of her pic !!! Ill tell you more one day on that! Thank you so much . I really want him to make ammends with us soon. Thank you for your time and energy.

HaroldIskovitz 5/5/2019 stars Video Reading

Superb reading Mr. Ricky.

earth94 5/5/2019 stars Video Reading

Going to see

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Bobman72 5/4/2019 stars Phone Reading

Ricky is the guide you want with you on whatever journey you are on at Psychic Source to find direction. He's funny, professional, talented and wants to give you the very best answers he can provide. He's stuck with me through a long process and always helps me to see how things will resolve.

Cathy1000 5/4/2019 stars Phone Reading

He sees what he sees and I know it will eventually happen. I will push this up to a 5 star when I see it come to flourishing. I love him even if it never did. He's a good person.

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Realdeal81 4/25/2019 stars Video Reading

Love him. If he wasn't so expensive I'd call just cause he's a fun and genuine person, but he's been right about situations/predictions so far and even gives names of people before I tell him. Always satisfied with our readings.

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mintchocolatechip 4/25/2019 stars Video Reading

Said a job would send me an offer letter and they did. He kept hearing the words "by Friday" in our reading. The next day I had a different interview and they said they would have a decision by Friday. Ricky said to look for a Stacey and that was the name of who I was going with. While all employers are female.... not one has that name. I have now been googling each company to see if I can find a Stacey lol.

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debbieh 4/24/2019 stars Video Reading

Knew names of family members, and things I never told him. He's excellent! Worth his price and wait!