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Featured Review MGisele 4/13/2018 stars Phone Reading

I wish I had more time- speaks slower but highly meaningful in what she has to say. I felt very accurate in her message to me- she also gave advise of what Is to come next. I know I’ll have to wait to see but based on how she read the person and situation- it seems accurate. I wanted to prepare myself emotionally for what is to come because as I’m healing from my hurt I needed to know how to protect myself better. I’m glad Louisa gave me insight on what’s really going on. She’s very insightful and knows what she’s talking about.

MonicaJane 5/16/2018 stars Phone Reading


Healer0824 5/9/2018 stars Phone Reading

Just an ok reading.

angelicchase 3/25/2018 stars Phone Reading

I just don’t think we had a good connected but she is truly sincere, honest, and detailed.

STW5858 3/22/2018 stars Phone Reading

Excellent! I call her for everything!

ARose3 3/8/2018 stars Phone Reading

To be honest, I was initially scared but as soon as I heard her voice, I became comfortable and not as tense. It has been quite some time since I've had this opportunity and Mrs. Louisa really did put my mind and heart at ease. I'm truly grateful and appreciative for you taking the time to talk with me, being understanding and caring. I will definitely be back soon. Thank you Mrs. Louisa. Continue being blessed. ;)

Adriane 3/4/2018 stars Phone Reading

She was nice and answered all my questions.

Adri2004 2/26/2018 stars Phone Reading

She was very accurate and brutally honest. Pretty much confirmed what I was already thinking.

Lily28 2/23/2018 stars Phone Reading

A little disheartening to hear, but she told me the complete truth and it validated a lot of things about my ex being an NPD.

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Elle04 2/22/2018 stars Phone Reading

Gives more advice than she does reading or predicting. She is straightforward and is spot on in some areas.