Psychic Julie x8015

Psychic Julie x8015

Clears Negative Energy

4½ stars

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Featured Review Ana1976 5/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

Astounding! Very spot on and clear in her answers, I certainly will be calling Julie back.

Smiling81601 5/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

She tried hard but, was off on reading me.

angel43 5/10/2018 stars Phone Reading

OMG! She blew my mind with the reading!

EMJ777 4/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

Mediumship skills are off the charts-equal to any TV medium.

Foxylady 4/24/2018 stars Phone Reading

Julie is very genuine and kind. There is no doubt that she connected with my loved one on the other side. I now have a sense of peace in my heart. Thank you.

Chrispix 4/17/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thanks Julie, I really enjoy our readings! :)

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Traveler 4/10/2018 stars Phone Reading

Julie I would give you a 10/10 stars if I could! You were unbelievably accurate about the situation. I am left very hopeful that your predictions will come to pass and I will let you know. In the meantime, thank you for your wisdom, compassion and optimism. You really helped me today.

PhyliciaB 3/20/2018 stars Phone Reading

I LOVED my 1st reading with Julie. There was a real.connection & she was very accurate!! I hope everything she predicted come to pass. Im super excited & I felt very relieved. Thanks Julie!!

Chrispix 3/6/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thanks again, Julie!

lovnlife 3/5/2018 stars Phone Reading

You are one of my favorites! 100 stars!!!!