Psychic Bonnie x7982

Psychic Bonnie x7982

Insightful & Non-judgmental

4½ stars

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Featured Review pinkjansas 12/24/2018 stars Chat Reading

She picked up on the situation and the energies and gave her insights. She clarified a lot of questions I had in my mind.

CarolJMorgan 1/13/2019 stars Chat Reading

Very good. I will see if what she predicted comes about. I asked questions about my home, finances, love life and she answered them all very well. She give some detail without my asking. When I asked her to give a little more detail she did.

mniebur 1/9/2019 stars Chat Reading

My favorite advisor thus far. I felt she picked up on my energies very well through chat. I definitely feel like I got some clarification even though- I only wish I had more time to talk to her. Sometimes I do wonder if readers are picking up on my current energies or what actually is (bigger picture kind of stuff). But with Bonnie, I feel confident she knew me very well from the short chat.

doGbreath 1/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

She could explain and describe my work environment very clearly.

Kitt15 1/4/2019 stars Chat Reading

First time with Bonnie (so sorry we got cut off!) I was so impressed with what she was able to pick up on. Not the most hopeful reading because of the distance factor but at least feelings are there. Time will tell.

Brina2 1/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

She connected with me very well. I was very upset about a recent breakup I had and talking to Bonnie settled my nerves for the day. She told me he’d contact within this week . She was able to connect with what had happened with me just giving me his name. She tuned right into what we were both feeling and what caused the argument. She also gave me great advice for both of us so that if he does contact me this week, we can work on each other and our arguments . Just waiting for him to contact me

Yliana 12/30/2018 stars Chat Reading

Good reading thank u.

Jessica3077 12/27/2018 stars Chat Reading

It was good. Hoping to get more information next time.

Fluidity 12/24/2018 stars Chat Reading

Bonnie - thank you for walking me through this a bit. I couldn't replenish in time and now you are busy. I know you said to be strong and confident - which is pretty much how I roll anyway. I'm just wondering what comes of it all?

Fluidity 12/24/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thanks for waking me through this. I know you said to be strong and confident around him yet I am still unclear what change this may bring about. So many have seen his strong feelings and a long term commitment here yet for a year that hasn’t happened.