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Featured Review Marika99 3/28/2019 stars Phone Reading

Very warm, gifted, good reader and wonderful advisor.

Marika99 5/13/2019 stars Chat Reading

She has been good before, but today she were vague and just guessing - She was not seeing the situation or the facts.

kico5479 5/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

Camila is a wonderful reader! She tuned in right away and gave me clarity. She was compassionate and very insightful. Thank you Camila!

Freesoul 2/5/2019 stars Phone Reading

I been using this site for 3 years my first time writing a review!!!! She is worth it she is honest and straight forward. She also doesn’t lie and if she can’t see it or read it she will tell you. She is good at telling you what POI feels or going through. She has predicted close and some things have come to pass. Please keep in mind I have done readings with top psychics and giving a prediction always change because of energy. But she is amazing and spot on the situation

Tezktl 2/4/2019 stars Chat Reading

I ran out of funds, Camilla was nice and the reading was positive concerning my poi, however my main question didn’t really get answered so that was disappointing. Also I had to ask another question twice before it was answered. However, concerning how the other person feels she was able to tune into and there were some nice predictions about our future but nothing that was major specific. If I had been given a specific answer to my actual question I would give a 5.

Raphael79 1/30/2019 stars Phone Reading

Camila is very good, truly gifted!!! She was able to pick up my situation fast, even what the person thinks and feels about me. She honest and predictions are just happening as she said. I will call you again Camila. I enjoyed the reading and thank you!!!

madeline1234 1/25/2019 stars Phone Reading

Very comprehensive coverage!

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Freesoul 1/25/2019 stars Phone Reading

I been using this site for 2 years and my first time leaving a rating! I read with all top advisor and why pay so much when Camilia is amazing she is point on the situation and describing the person and the situation. I hope her perfection comes true. But due to a personal circumstance 2 years of being on the site, no predictions are not always 100%. will of power any energy shifts, moon, etc. But she is on point describing what is going on and what will happen. I will update if POI calls me this weekend and I see him during week.

Marika99 11/21/2018 stars Chat Reading

Camila was very good. Saw the big picture and I knew she was right :) Thank you very much!

Cgurl21 9/8/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thank you.