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Psychic Rhea x3154

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Featured Review Lookupon 1/31/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you again for ur advice.

Lookupon 1/3/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for ur confirmation again and uplift.

Lookupon 12/17/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for ur help with the energy of my little dog...U are such a lovely soul...

Lookupon 12/4/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you again for seeing my vision...I have the biggest smile on my face right now for I truly believe...

morningmj 11/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

I had to listen hard to understand her but a good reading have to wait to see if her prediction comes true.

Xnsueb 10/27/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you.

Cucumberpie 10/24/2018 stars Phone Reading

Connected straight away, picked up on what was going on in my life without me saying anything. Impressed.

Ayliaha315 10/23/2018 stars Phone Reading

The same thing she started to touch on the other advisor spoke on it...

Sunshine2015 9/25/2018 stars Phone Reading

I am very impressed by how quick she connected with me and read my situation and clearly communicated with unwavering confidence.

Verdeverde 8/9/2018 stars Phone Reading

I was very impressed with Rhea! Without missing a beat she went right to the heart of the matter and amazingly, accurately described what I've been dealing with, with this man. She knew things she could not have not if she wasn't psychic. She gave predictions that seem to be on track. I believe Rhea is a tremendously gifted reader and she is now one of my favorites!