Psychic Jeanette x9791

Psychic Jeanette x9791

Empathic and Intuitive

4½ stars

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Featured Review Gigi89 9/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely to the point and honest. Thank you for understanding me and giving me straight answers. Answered questions about my past present and future right away. Its refreshing to get someone who doesnt sugarcoat :) its like she knew what I was thinking too and finished my train of thought. Thank you Jeannette!

arthur6246 9/29/2018 stars Phone Reading


Angie2222 9/9/2018 stars Phone Reading

Things didn’t transpire as mentioned.. sorry.

Shygirl78 9/9/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very detailed and on point. I really enjoyed my reading.

Raman00 9/9/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank u!

arthur6246 9/8/2018 stars Phone Reading

I enjoyed my reading thank you Jeanette.

annakruk633 8/22/2018 stars Phone Reading

Jeanette was able to tune into J. and his feelings and now I understand the guy behavior.Thank You.It helped a lot :)

Sandy1016 8/21/2018 stars Phone Reading

She did know a lot in just a few seconds about the personality of my poi. She said he loves me n thinks of me n sees him reaching out in the next week. But our relationship is a struggle he’s moody n when he gets up set it the silent treatment. Boy is that right. But sees things are not over for us. Will follow up in a week or so. Thank you you eased my mind.

HelloMegan11 8/20/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very accurate :)

Rh2727 8/18/2018 stars Phone Reading

Jeanette has correctly predicted crossing paths with POI and having a more open conversation. More predictions to come now, and I will be back to follow up with validation. Thank you, Jeanette!