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Psychic Valentina x9762

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Featured Review LovelyLibra 6/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

Always positive and happy even when giving the honest truth about the situation. I love Valentina, I can't say that enough.

Heatherz1980 8/17/2018 stars Phone Reading

OMG..omg hysterical. Both u and trust you!

Heatherz1980 8/15/2018 stars Phone Reading

OMG remember how we kept getting 8 and 10 and thought August and October? well here is a new our final paperwork...signed 8/10. Exactly 10 years to the day he proposed. I just CAN"T!!!! Plus August is a big month anyways, but I just thought that was crazy bananas. Guess we'll see how October plays out! Thanks for seeing me through this crazy ride

VictoriaInTears 8/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

Damn good!!! Valentina is spot on! She knew there was a spark with a POI and she knew I'm in an emotional rush. She's emphatic that I slow down, and she's darned right! She nailed it!!! Thank you Valentina!! I'll be back =}}}

greenbriar 8/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very good reader, I returned to her a few times In the last year or so. Some things did eventually transpire and others like contact timelines haven’t. I like her insight and what I believe is accurate info regarding other ppls intentions. I’ll see if this next time frame pans out! She’s honest and got stern with me.. told me don’t reach out anymore or everything will be null and void that I’m saying. But I like that, it certainly made my decision to stay back even more strong! I look forward to validating this timeframe!

Dani32 8/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very good reading with Valentina. She was very fast with information and very accurate on the traits of POI. I asked about a timeframe of when I'll hear from POI. She saw the number 2. So it can be 2 hrs, weeks, days, months or the 2 of a month. Will come back with an update.

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Innerpeace2018 8/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

I have had several readings with many advisors and I have narrowed it down to top 3 that I will now call. My number one is Valentina, she has never deviated from her first prediction several months ago. I had another reading with her on 7.14.18 and continued to tell me the number 8. Guess what, he made contact with me on 8.6.18 to check on how things were going. As of 8.7.18, she continues to see number 10 and 9 and sees travel.

Xnsueb 8/6/2018 stars Phone Reading

I have a hard time believing what she told me is true but we will c..

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Heatherz1980 8/1/2018 stars Phone Reading

Everything Valentina has told me has happened....said she saw increased income...I didn’t get a job I applied for but guess what...I was surprised with a raise in my current role. She is LEGIT

YawYaw 7/18/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the chat today, Valentina! You were so right-on with Kevin and I. I do have a lot of hope and I am looking forward to the ‘boom boom boom snap snap snap quick quick quick‘ you described. Still trying to figure out the 5. Could be 5 days since he contacted me, 5 days from today I planned to mail a care package.... I will let you know when I figure out or when that 5 hit me on the head with a light bulb moment. I am sooo looking forward to seeing your predictions unfold. Thanks again. - Yawen