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Psychic Amanda x9695

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Featured Review akagi54 9/2/2018 stars Chat Reading

My experience with her over the past two readings has been a phenomenal experience overall! She was able to provide some insightful advice regarding questions about my career - and she is uncannily accurate when it comes to specifics about my situation and her predictions. To elaborate: 1.) She was able to get an accurate, specific reading of my personality (not something that can be done through vague guessing or cold reading) and provide advice similar to what my best friend would give me. 2.) She was able to accurately discern some specific questions about my current company (financial-wise) - this was later confirmed to be true two to three months later. 3.) She was able to accurately perceive what field I worked in (roughly) and is able to predict (give or take a couple days) that I would get a new offer within the time frame she gave. In terms of her predictions, she also gave insightful, concrete advice on what options would work best for you based on the choices available. It's also worth noting that she managed to capture my emotional reaction following the offer prediction. I would highly recommend her if you are at an impasse in terms of your career or relationship. To reiterate, her predictions are quite specific, and she does hit the general timelines pretty well - though with all predictions, it's important to emphasize the importance of free will and how that influences the content overall. In addition to her ability to uncannily perceive my situation, she's also a really good, compassionate person to talk to overall :) 5 / 5

Panda143 9/12/2018 stars Chat Reading

She has such a sweet & positive spirit. In tune to my lover's emotion and job situation. She kept me focusd before I mess things up ! Love my late night chat with you, talk soon ...

Empath123 9/11/2018 stars Chat Reading

Amanda is great. She's compassionate especially when you are asking about something negative. She is honest as well which I love.

Marika99 9/9/2018 stars Chat Reading

She is warm, kind, accurate and wonderful.

Marika99 9/7/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much for an amazing reading, Amanda. I felt so supported and ulifted. She said many things that I believe will come to pass. She was very in tuned. Amanda is very gifted, wise and kind.

mary0506m 9/4/2018 stars Chat Reading

Very sweet and personable! Is able to provide time frames and details.

jlnshn 9/1/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thank you so much Amanda for providing clarity in my situation.

ramrat69 8/28/2018 stars Chat Reading

Amanda was awesome!!! connected right away and gave me the reassurance I needed!!! U will not go wrong by talking w her— compassionate empathetic and gifted!!!

catgirl3 8/23/2018 stars Chat Reading

Amanda is seriously a very compassionate reader. Thank you! Maybe someday we can get a phone reading!

catgirl3 8/17/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thank you, Amanda. For those reading this review, please give this lovely soul the opportunity to give you a compassionate reading. One that will,hopefully, soothe your soul and give you the hope and clarity you deserve.