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Featured Review NAMASTE22 6/16/2018 stars Chat Reading

This was my first chat reading and I enjoyed it. As I was writing, she would answer and we got into a rhtymn that felt like our voices were on paper. I felt her assessment and her prediction were insightful and accurate.

catgirl3 7/18/2018 stars Chat Reading

Great energy and personality. Amanda can give you clear and concise answers. Thanks, Amanda.

Ria2265 7/6/2018 stars Chat Reading

Amanda is great !!! Ive chatted with her a few times, she is to the point and honest, and always willing to just listen even when I'm just trying to sort through my feelings.

Marika99 6/27/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thanks Amanda, for clarifying important matters to me. You made me smile and feel so much happier. You are so amazing and always spot on. Bless you

Caroline17 6/22/2018 stars Chat Reading

Very nice, and helpful. Put my mind at ease.

Ria2265 6/10/2018 stars Chat Reading

Amanda was quick and to the point, while being kind and warm. I cant wait to connect with her again.. Thank you Amanda

Raym57 6/10/2018 stars Chat Reading

My readings with Amanda are always great. She would be a great person to take out to a nice dinner and have an intelligent conversation. Ok I drifted pretty far now for reality she is very intelligent and a very pretty lady who knows her craft very well.

ricay98 6/5/2018 stars Chat Reading

Our chat was short and sweet but she answered my burning questions in a short amount of time. I had 2-3 specific questions I wanted answered and she was able to provide me with them. I do believe she connected to the person in question. I’m satisfied with our reading. Thank you Amanda

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Raym57 6/3/2018 stars Chat Reading

The only one I ever gave 5 stars to she is not only confident in what she says but also very intelligent. She is also the most kind lady on PS. Must be a west Coast lady.

LMS2017 5/31/2018 stars Chat Reading

Amanda is the greatest! She is so calm, clear and reassuring. She conveys exactly what is necessary in the most accessible manner, and always with love. And she has a great sense of humor, besides, which is actually very important to me in these types of readings. Thank you so much Amanda!