Psychic Mackenzie x9602

Psychic Mackenzie x9602

Wise Uplifting Aura

4½ stars

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Featured Review Ria2265 4/20/2018 stars Chat Reading

Makenzie is my GO TO, she is insightful, warm, funny and spot on. There have been days I will call just to have her help me make sense of the energy I feel, she always understands what I'm going through and guides with love.

Janice0812 4/22/2018 stars Chat Reading

She’s great ! btw ur right I still don’t know what to do Ijohn bought him a $5,000 trailer i don’t get it ! still waiting to see karma n I’m not competing lol mayb walking n waiting for the new one.

lucylinus 4/21/2018 stars Chat Reading

I loved talking to her. She was sweet and I was down tongiht she cheered me up! Thank you!

penelope1111 4/20/2018 stars Chat Reading impressed the way she nailed it and in such a short amount of time! Barely got the words out and she just knew!!

MermaidSoul 4/20/2018 stars Chat Reading

Mackenzie is always so thourough with her reading and accurate!

WildFire 4/18/2018 stars Chat Reading

Mackenzie doesn't give up on me! She keeps my faith up and was correct about what would happen with my actions:). She even helped me word things and it worked!

ashley21318 4/17/2018 stars Chat Reading

She was very informative and very supportive. I am very hopeful and looking forward to a bright future. I plan to use her again.

kitto16 4/16/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thank you for a wonderful reading, and apologies for the abrupt cut at the end (ran out of funds). First time read with this advisor who was very fast, uplifting, and comforting. Not able to rate predictions yet but really hope it works out!

travel123 4/15/2018 stars Phone Reading


Rh2727 4/15/2018 stars Phone Reading

Mackenzie is SO SWEET! She is extremely uplifting, even in your darkest moments and struggles. She can make you feel comforted and loved in a very short period of time, and she also delivers very good news. She was very accurate in what she saw, and her readings were validated by other readings I received. She can help direct your thoughts to a positive place to help you manifest your desires. God bless you, Mackenzie!