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Psychic Ben x7915

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Featured Review Lt1308 6/18/2018 stars Phone Reading

Excellent reader. I didn’t have to say much, he went right in. He also told me things that I wasn’t expecting however he provided me with an awesome prediction. He was very confident in his reason which made me believe him that much more. I will definitely be reaching out to him again. Thanks Ben!

Lovemeright7 11/10/2018 stars Phone Reading

Hoping it all will go well in he next week or so.

Fosterr 8/8/2018 stars Phone Reading

He was honest and able to pick up on the situation with little effort

Djoanng 8/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very good.

DRC0164 7/3/2018 stars Phone Reading

He seems to be more grounded and genuine than most of the psychics on here . He was a lot more helpful but still the reading estimation was off like it all happened in 2 days versus 10 days . But his advice was insightful & what I already knew in my heart .

Peace75 6/6/2018 stars Phone Reading

Hands down, THE BEST! Does not waste time, get right to the point. Give him a try, you won’t be disappointed.

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Happy1234 5/18/2018 stars Phone Reading

I spoke with him years ago and he predicted my relationship would produce a child and it did by great surprise!

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Bacardi 5/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

Here is my follow up from 4/20. The person Ben spoke about to me, did exactly what Ben said they would and in the time frame he gave me. Great work Ben!

Kellygirl 5/3/2018 stars Phone Reading

Ben is a great spiritual resource. It is always good talking to him, and I always learn about myself every time I get a reading from Ben. Thanks Ben!

Bacardi 4/20/2018 stars Phone Reading

Ben is the real deal and picks up on the situation right away. He has told me that a particular person in my life is going to do something In a certain time frame. I will keep you posted and let you know what happens ....