Psychic Melody x7909

Psychic Melody x7909

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Featured Review JamieStockton22 10/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

WOW!!!! She knew everything that was going on in my life!!!! Moving, the divorce and specifics about mine & my daughter’s future. Melody is super nice, direct and very compassionate. I’m a first time caller and definitely will be calling her again. She has my HIGHEST RECOMMENDATION. Worth every penny.

dawnaisha 10/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

Melody was beyond amazing! She knew so much just based on names and dobs. Completely read my situation like a book ! I will most definitely take her advice and call her again !

Carole 10/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

Melody put my mind at ease by sharing what she saw. She was very confident in certain areas and was honest when she didn't get a clear picture in others. Hopefully it all comes true! Would definitely speak with her again.

loving555 10/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

Melody was pretty accurate I will update when prediction comes true.. But other than that she was on point about my siuation.

Eric.moore1111 10/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

Melody was extremely insightful and very compassionate. She connected with me very well and was able to give me a lot of clarity into a particular situation. Only time will tell if her long term predictions come true, but I have to say she was spot on with current issues I could verify. I highly recommend!

natasha banner 10/6/2018 stars Phone Reading

Tremendous!!!! great insight. pure channel angelic energy. a must read for tough situations!

Josie2014 10/4/2018 stars Phone Reading

Wordless she is amazing.

Daydreamer 10/1/2018 stars Phone Reading

Have to admit I am very impressed. Without me saying anything, just met him, so I didn't have his bday, she could see from the tarot that he is an investor, that is his source of income. I never told her this, and he is fully retired and lives off of his investments. I therefore trust the rest of her prediction, in which she sees that he plans to call me when he returns from his trip in about 10 days. I very much look forward to updating should this also pan to be true. Much appreciated-- S.

Kelly1974 9/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

She was the real deal I was skeptical. She gave me hope for my future at a time when I needed. I will definitely be calling her again. Thank you

Whatislove 9/27/2018 stars Phone Reading

Filled with light and understanding and love.