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Featured Review Taymart 2/27/2018 stars Phone Reading

To the point and will not wast you’re time... really enjoyed my reading!

Awwillie 1/22/2018 stars Phone Reading

Clare went straight to the point of my question and told me what to do to succeed. She was a very caring person who didn't seek for my money by wasting my time. I'm looking forward to our discussion. Thank you Clare!!

raven60 12/24/2017 stars Phone Reading

I'm not sure, there were things that were said and I thought ok sounds right and it made me buy more time but then I had to give a lot of info and she wanted to know how my husband passed and what he died from is painful so that was not great insight. I think this one was off mark.

Caseylee 11/4/2017 stars Phone Reading

I feel Clare is very nice but too many questions. Just felt as if she wasn't reading a struggle for me to get anything.

kaybre3067 10/31/2017 stars Phone Reading

Very good, picked up on everything.

Steve94 10/9/2017 stars Phone Reading

Clare thank you so much for all your predictions and accuracy. Thank you also for your advice which is always excellent my friend. Clare definitely is a great psychic and and who is completely honest and to the point. P.S everything we talked about last night is going good and coming true I received a message from the person we discussed last night today on a positive note.

Caseylee 9/25/2017 stars Phone Reading

She was very empathetic and compassionate, she took her time to ensure I understood what she was seeing... I did take notice that there was questions from her that I felt at the time was due to just trying to focus on my specific wants but felt awkward answering more than receiving and she repeated what I answered so it wasn't new info perhaps I created it some confusion? Only 4 star because she was compassionate.

Steve94 9/17/2017 stars Phone Reading

Always a pleasure to get a reading and talk to you and receive your advice and thank you for connecting me with my deceased grandparents.

Ednolb 8/23/2017 stars Phone Reading

Tries to keep you on as my question she couldn't see it and just trying to keep me on and when he came to the end she then through out something that was interesting and made me come back.

crystalg 8/22/2017 stars Phone Reading

I really enjoyed my reading with Clare. I found it energizing. She was very accurate about my skills and qualities (I was asking a career question). Out of the three options I gave her, she confirmed my natural tendency without me telling her which one I preferred. She gave me some ideas I would not have dreamed up on my own and that was also helpful. The only reason it's not five stars is because she would often sound uncertain, and also hold back because of boundary issues I wasn't having. This was my first experience with an online psychic and I liked it. I felt affirmed and that was an important result.