Psychic Levana x9252

Psychic Levana x9252

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Featured Review 1004ly 11/1/2018 stars Chat Reading

Descriptive and informative. She took her time to explain everything to me and gave me room to think and reflect on what she had to say. Very informative and warm but also straightforward. She also helped me understand that although she has given me information, it will be my choice in the end as to what decision I make. Very helpful

JDMundy 11/5/2018 stars Chat Reading

Seemed okay.

Lsepulvado32 10/20/2018 stars Chat Reading

This psychic did not answer any of my questions. She did give good insight into personality traits, but did not answer any of my questions that I wanted to know.

Dizzydeanna 10/12/2018 stars Chat Reading

WOW. Accurate and honest! A lot of psychics will probe you with questions, but she tells you what is happening in your energy and life. Told me some things that were difficult to accept, but this reading will help me to move forward in my life. Thank you Levana!!

Lady18 10/10/2018 stars Phone Reading

Predictions were wrong.

stphill 10/4/2018 stars Phone Reading

Too general and vague.

CeeeCeee 9/21/2018 stars Chat Reading

She takes far too long to answer and isn’t tapped in enough to get good thorough answers.

Empath123 9/18/2018 stars Chat Reading

Didn't get empathetic reading like I had with previous advisors

Cleigh 9/10/2018 stars Chat Reading

She is really great with advice!

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Momma hen101 8/30/2018 stars Chat Reading

Didn't really answer what I asked but was a bit blunt to one of the questions kinda felt a bit down after our chat but she is honest.