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Featured Review yogi0307 4/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

This Angel is brilliant and compassionate to your trials and tribulations. She walks along side you and guides you through your journey. I am truly blessed she’s on my speed dial.

eghbal4053 4/13/2019 stars Phone Reading


rosesarered16 4/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Paige is the first psychic I ever spoke with and she hit so many nails on the head. She figured something out that she could not have known, and I spoke with a couple of psychics after her and they never picked up on that specific thing. Only her. She's the real deal.

FLBlondePrincess 3/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

Paige is so insightful and spot on with her readings. She has a calming, soothing energy and is very straightforward, but with kindness and compassion. She's someone you could talk to for hours. She has a remarkable ability to peel back the layers of your soul and explain why your life is in a particular situation just by looking at the layers she has peeled back. She can also see where things are getting ready to unfold and how those pieces all fit together in the "bigger" puzzle of your life. I absolutely adore Paige and talking with her is like talking to your best friend. If you are looking to speak with a genuine, kind and truly gifted psychic who is "the real deal" look no further. Paige is amazing with her predictions and ability to read your situation.

Lpoche2 3/7/2019 stars Phone Reading

You are just lovely! I enjoyed our conversation and will take all of your advice to heart. Thank you!

DoubleVs 2/17/2019 stars Video Reading

Thank you Paige for the great video chat, you picked up the exact feeling I was going through and what im actually experiencing. thank you for being very direct and straight forward. Even your advise was hard but I understand that I have to with hold all my heart to get others to see the true feeling for me.

Missy37 2/2/2019 stars Phone Reading

Things r not done

Gracealsuwaidi 2/2/2019 stars Video Reading

Amazing I love her.

WendyT 1/31/2019 stars Video Reading

Great reader and very in tune with advice.

Chitchat920 1/31/2019 stars Video Reading

Quick and spot on!