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Psychic Therese x7215

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Featured Review bwatts92 1/3/2019 stars Phone Reading

Therese is AMAZING. I have been working with her for a few short weeks. She always remembers me and goes above and beyond to help her clients. Two of her detailed predictions have already come to fruition. Not anything general. I was given a piece of jewelry from the person that she stated I would. Also, another prediction she gave a time frame and it happened within that time frame. She is definitely the real deal. I don't read with anyone else at all. She's compassionate, tells you THE TRUTH and really cares about helping you through obstacles. Waiting in her line is definitely worth it. As always, thank you so much Therese!

Hopeful4302 1/1/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Therese for our conversation. Sorry I could not add additional $. Hope the the person in question contacts me soon.

Lovingheart 12/29/2018 stars Chat Reading

Therese is absolutely one of the best advisors you can speak with. Try her and you will definitely come back again. Therese I am so happy you have chat times available. I now have more opportunities to contact you when I need guidance quickly. I spoke to you today 1/3 on the phone. I was really anxious to know what was going on. Thank you for the insight you gave me. It helps me to feel better about this situation. I still get emotional at times but I know what you see is the absolute truth. I have had my doubts and as always I am proven wrong. This has been a very long road and I wouldn’t have made it this far without you. You have been a great friend to me and I thank you a million times. No matter how many times I ask the same questions... you have always been kind and nonjudgmental. I just don’t know how much longer I can hold on Therese. You will hear from me again soon... by chat. Forgot to say “Happy New Year” may your year be full of Blessings. Thank you... Thank You

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Rachellskii33 12/28/2018 stars Chat Reading

Im new talking to Therese and now I know why she is always on demand. She really is worth the money. She is very detailed and knows things you couldnt imagine she knows. She was so accurate and right about all what she said. Will def come back. And also she tries to send you a personal message if time runs out and theres something she needed to say.

SS Chicago 12/27/2018 stars Phone Reading

Simply the best. She is not only accurate. She cares. We got caught off last night and she took the time to email me confirmation and reassurance. What more could you want in a psychic. Seriously. If you don’t get in line to read with Theresa your making a mistake. Do it. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll meet your personal psychic. Your go to.

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IamWoke19 12/27/2018 stars Chat Reading

I couldn't believe I finally got through to her with the long wait for her services!!! She was amazing and immediately tapped into my situation. She's the real deal...I could feel it. I look forward to her upcoming predictions to come to pass!! Thank you, lady!!

Maregreg 12/27/2018 stars Phone Reading

Anyone who can make you laugh through utter heartbreak, instill peace in a war zone of thinking is a gift. She is so very gifted, smart and down to earth. Her timing is approximate on predictions but always comes through. I have never finished a call without feeling so much better and at peace. Thank you Therese.

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Libra23 12/23/2018 stars Chat Reading

So gifted and fantastic. Helped give me amazing clarity recently, and this helped me to proceed with more effectiveness in my current relationship with my POI.

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Chrispix 12/23/2018 stars Phone Reading

Therese, thank you so much for going out of your way for me, I really appreciate it! Love your readings and really appreciate your incredible insight, as well as kindness and care. I fully get why you're so popular - much love and happy new year to you and yours! xo

okaggi 12/23/2018 stars Chat Reading

Wonderful reading with Therese. Very detailed and even followed up with a note. Looking forward to predictions. Thank you!!