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Psychic Therese x7215

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Featured Review rp2chil 9/19/2018 stars Phone Reading

I am about a month late in giving this feedback. I had my first reading with Therese around 10/4, and as others have stated, she is amazing. I have not read with someone who does cards for a while, I was nervous about that, and I have no idea why. Her reading and assessments were so accurate. If you are going to her for the first time, I would suggest having the specific questions ready for her, so this will help her and you to dig deep into what you want her to read. She is very fast, accurate, funny and just so loving. I will come back shortly. loved her.

Daydreamer 10/10/2018 stars Phone Reading

I want to say thank you for taking me right away and helping me get centered after a crushing disappointment. It’s the worst to get your hopes up and then be let down. But you definitely helped with your insight as to what happened tonight.

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Fluidity 10/5/2018 stars Phone Reading

Hi hon- I'm so sorry; I had tech issues with purchasing and got back in line. Looking forward to continuing our chat. xoxo

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Lovingheart 10/4/2018 stars Phone Reading

Therese is amazing. She will have you coming back for readings over and over again. The information she gives is always right. I have been talking to Therese often and yet I still wish I can talk more. It’s a few days after I’ve spoken to you... Today I was missing him so much. I text him “good morning” from a different number and got response, but almost sure it wasn’t him. I can’t wait to talk with you again. I hope I hear from him soon...

Antara 10/3/2018 stars Phone Reading

I love talking to Therese. She is like a friend. I hope everything turns out the way you see. I couldn’t finish my call with you. Will be in your line soon.

penelope1111 10/2/2018 stars Phone Reading

Wow is all I have to say!. She is so worth the wait not only fast, funny and accurate what a great personality she talks to you like she knows you forever and then she says things about people that are so accurate it's scary and weird but in a great way:)

Lovingheart 10/1/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you a million times Therese for the message (I read it over and over again) and being here for me. Therese is caring and nonjudgmental. She goes beyond just an advisor....she is a friend. No matter how many times I speak to her about the same person/situation, she remaines patient. The details and information she provides is correct. I trust her and all that she tells me. It’s hard to not give up when I can’t see what she does. I know what she says will happen. I have been talking to Therese for years.... if you haven’t had a reading with her, you are missing out! I wish I could talk to her daily and much longer. Therese some days I feel ok and others I don’t. I’m thankful I have you to talk to and help me keep my emotions in an ok place. You will hear from me again soon Therese. Thank you my friend.

scann9319 9/30/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thanks for helping me, Therese. I always enjoy talking to you. I'm sorry I couldn't talk longer because I ran out of funds. I will be sure to check out all the things you brought up.

Debbie1961 9/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Therese!!! Xoxoxo

CeeeCeee 9/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you so much, Therese! I look forward to talking in the future! Holly