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Featured Review ellijaygirl 8/20/2019 stars Chat Reading

Very precise. Secure reader with the answers, direct and fast. An angel ! Said a lot that proved she was connected ! May God bless her.

Grobray 8/22/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thank you sooo much Bridgette for your reading! You empower me, I really greatly appreciate your help! Thank you Angel! God bless you! Thank you Angel guide! Thank God!

Decurti 8/21/2019 stars Phone Reading

I cannot thank you enough, Bridgette. My heart was breaking but now I have hope. I will take your advice. I want to set up another reading when I see what happens. thank you AGAIN! You are my SHEro!

Latokes1995 8/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

Omgggggg she was sooooo perfect I love her so much thanks for the reading

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Jennie 8/18/2019 stars Phone Reading

Bridgette got to the heart of the matter and told me something I didn’t know, and that I needed to hear, and that I didn’t even realize was the real issue - it wasn’t what I had asked - which made everything okay.

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Kcombs 8/17/2019 stars Phone Reading

Bridgette is Absoutely amazing. She picked up on my situation immediately and what both parties are feeling. She puts my heart st ease and I am so thankful for her. She always goes the extra mile for her clients. Thank you Bridgette for all you do. You are wonderful. KC

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dkelly0329 8/17/2019 stars Phone Reading

I absolutely love Bridgette. I have talked with her three times now and each time she has given me peace about my situation. She is very calming and straight forward with her readings. She is worth the money when you are looking for peace and understanding.

Vikachka 8/16/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Bridgette, You are my go to person. I always feel so welcomed and soothed when I talk to you. thank you for not being judgmental and for your practical advise. I really appreciate your feedback and guidance. Thank you.

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dkelly0329 8/15/2019 stars Phone Reading

It is always awesome to talk to Bridgette. She connected with me the first visit and has always been spot on with what she sees. I have greatly appreciated her advice on how to handle my situation and move forward. Love you Bridgette!

Briggette 8/14/2019 stars Phone Reading

Really great. Very clear guidance. Thank you, Bridgette. :-)