Psychic Carla x7682

Psychic Carla x7682

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Featured Review lightworker68 11/4/2018 stars Phone Reading

Carla is very gifted as a psychic, and very accurate in her readings. She was very 'spot on' in being able to extract information regarding certain situations to pass on as guidance for me. She helped me gain great clarity around certain situations and persons, and very quickly. Her giftedness will be of great value to anyone that engages with her for a reading. I highly recommend working with her.

Empath123 11/8/2018 stars Chat Reading

Thank you !!

Christina617 11/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

Just spoke with Carla she gave me some insight as how to deal with the situation at hand she did know some things that I did not know we will see if things come to pass she is giving me certain days I will update with progress.

Empath123 11/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

Carla is compassionate and keeps me grounded. I know she speaks to countless people but she remembers me and my boyfriend everytime I reach out to her. She prevents me from self sabatoging, which she was able to pick up on my first reading with her. It comforts me that she knows that. Doesn't give me fluff either; she gives the honesty I need.

User22 11/2/2018 stars Chat Reading

Carla has been right about things I could have never thought of and would have never believed. But I am back here to speak with her after 9 months have passed to let her know she was right and she has helped me stay calm during all of these fun changes going on! I highly recommend speaking with her.

kruppake 10/25/2018 stars Chat Reading

I have never spoken to a psychic, and I was left shedding happy tears. It's funny how you can't know someone but feel like you've known them all your life. Thank you, Carla, for grounding me in the most positive way possible!!

ramrat69 10/22/2018 stars Chat Reading

I would have never made it this storm in my life without u— btw the love and boot in the rear end u have given has made a tremednous amt of diffenrence in my perspective and I could never give back what u have given to me— tons of love.

Empath123 10/16/2018 stars Phone Reading

Always lovely to talk to...she keeps me grounded!! Gave me a lot of hope for my relationship.

ramrat69 10/16/2018 stars Chat Reading

U are absolutely the best!!!! I have connected w u in away I never would have thought possible!! u have opened my eyes to so many things —that are exactly what I need!!! u shojld have ten stars!! love u tons!!!! xoxox

Melvanice 10/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

My first reading with Carla was good. Then I called her again and it was great! She is direct and straight to the point. I have never enjoyed speaking with a physic before like I enjoy speaking with her. Thank you for guiding me in the right direction.