Psychic Merci x7794

Psychic Merci x7794

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Featured Review Green747 10/28/2018 stars Chat Reading

Merci is a super powerhouse! She is incredibly detailed, accurate, insightful, and on-point with what she sees and conveys in her readings. I've experienced a tremendously powerful energy and connection with her during my readings that have no equal in any other readings that I have done with other advisers. Thank you so much Merci for all you've done! I am truly grateful. Light, peace, and blessings to you always!

Happyyy 1/8/2019 stars Chat Reading

Love merci~ always great n fun.

Marika99 12/14/2018 stars Chat Reading

Vuuuurrrrrrry good.

Marika99 11/27/2018 stars Chat Reading

I love Merci! She is very accurate, tells like it is, to point also she is fun. She knows when to be serious, though. And sometimes she is straight to you honest. about what she sees. All in all, I highly recommend Merci bc. she is excellent!

Marika99 11/16/2018 stars Chat Reading

Oh my, Merci is so funny and also veryyy accurate. Very cool mix:) She has been right about many things in a row. She is very honest, fast and no nonsense.

Marika99 11/15/2018 stars Chat Reading

She is very, very good!

Marika99 11/2/2018 stars Chat Reading

Great, accurate and very nice.

MissieM 10/28/2018 stars Chat Reading

Honestly, I had talked to her for about 5 mins. I knew she was the real deal immediately as she said something that I needed to hear. So I went back and honestly If I ever need anything again. I will only come back to her. She picked up on everything I was feeling when other people told me it's all in my head. She is a kind spirit and tells it like it is. I know her predictions are true. Thank you Merci. XOXOX

Indigo610 10/28/2018 stars Chat Reading

She picked up on what I needed to hear.

mintchocolatechip 10/27/2018 stars Chat Reading

Merci was correct about a reconnection and contact from an individual. She has been correct most times with outcomes and has even nailed exact dates of contact. In reference to the same reconnection, Merci read that someone was not coming to town and that I wouldn’t see him, but the opposite ended up happening.