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Featured Review hopeful6677 4/15/2018 stars Chat Reading

Merci was amazing. She totally nailed the people in my life - their personalities, etc. And she completely nailed specific situations - even words that were said. She's also funny and very easy to talk to. Definitely a favorite!

mintchocolatechip 4/13/2018 stars Chat Reading

She has been right time and time again, and everything she has predicted is now unfolding.

Ria2265 4/13/2018 stars Chat Reading

Merci was direct, humorous and to the point. She saw my situation so clearly and gave me timelines as to when things will play out. She also gave me great advice.

mintchocolatechip 4/10/2018 stars Chat Reading

Said a guy would return, he did. Merci has been correct time and time again.

aesera 4/6/2018 stars Chat Reading

Was my first time ever doing something like this. I noticed I went in really skeptical about what I was going to hear. However, she was amazing ! Couldn’t ask for a better first experience.

pne905 4/4/2018 stars Chat Reading

Merci is simply amazing! Love that she is a straight shooter and doesn't sugar coat.

mintchocolatechip 4/4/2018 stars Chat Reading

She told me a man would contact me in March, sure enough he did. Merci has been correct time and time again and I have been reading with her for years. Merci, you told me I could hang out with him as long as there was no intimacy. I am here to report that after kinda ignoring him, we finally did have a talk and established a friendship. We actually hung out in a group, no intimacy or much even flirting at all happened. And honestly, it was nice, and it was a blast.

Rebecca 3/31/2018 stars Phone Reading

Call this Woman! She is beyond amazing! She does not waste your time. She tuned in immediately, was direct about the pros and cons. Was spot on with her recognition as to why I need to make a life changing decisions and the benefit I will receive from moving on. You will be very pleased speaking with Merci.

avril8080 3/22/2018 stars Chat Reading

wanted to talk more... but no fund.. :( couldn't say thank you very much. Thank you very much for your info!

Janice0812 3/22/2018 stars Chat Reading