Psychic Merci x7794

Psychic Merci x7794

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Featured Review Marika99 3/6/2019 stars Chat Reading

Merci, thank you for being great. Very gifted, honest and really uplifting. You are accurate, direct and you are very much appreciated!

ManduK 3/5/2019 stars Chat Reading

Great chatting with you.

Aquarius22 3/3/2019 stars Chat Reading

Merci told me exactly what I did not want to hear but it has helped me to let go of my situation and move on. Such a relief. I’m so glad I chatted with her bc I really need to move on.

Marika99 3/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

A great lady!

Serenity2peace 2/28/2019 stars Chat Reading

Fantastic and very easy to understand and talk to.

Janice0812 2/21/2019 stars Chat Reading

Love her.

mintchocolatechip 2/20/2019 stars Chat Reading

At this point Merci is like a family member to me. I really like her as a person and wish I could know her in real life

Jeff44 2/15/2019 stars Chat Reading

I would highly recommend Merci, she picked up on things that only I would have known. She gave me hope and peace about situations that I asked her about. I hope the timelines she predicted come about. Thank you Merci!

mintchocolatechip 2/3/2019 stars Chat Reading

It isn’t fair to not give Merci 5 stars because of timing not being exactly to the day. No top advisor I’ve ever spoken to has gotten timing correct. And there are some things we are not meant to know ahead of time. When it comes to outcomes, Merci is one of the only ones I have trusted for years. Not only will she be honest, but any big outcome she’s normally correct with.

Janice0812 1/31/2019 stars Chat Reading