Psychic Eliza x7896

Psychic Eliza x7896

Honesty and Care

4½ stars

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Featured Review Heartandsoul 9/23/2018 stars Phone Reading

I have 5 words to describe this AMAZING empth ... GENUINE HONEST ACCURATE SUPPORTIVE NONJUDGMENTAL! Love her and you will too !!!! Thank you Angel for all that you do xxxooo Maria

Xnsueb 9/19/2018 stars Phone Reading

Eliza always gives it to you straight. she's always the best at reading and no sugar coating anything.

libragirl 9/16/2018 stars Phone Reading

Straight to the point. Fast delivery of messages.

Sundance 9/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you for the reading. Detailed, in depth, and honest information.

Mary26 9/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

Eliza is good she is gifted for real, she told me things that I knew were real about my person in question past.. she didn't give me predictions but she gives clear understanding of present events and past it makes you understand more whatever you are going through.

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Fluidity 9/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

Eliza was quick to jump in with insights yet some of the messaging was confusing and the prediction was could take two years or 3 weeks it depends on u. I understand the principle behind the statement yet it made me feel pretty empty. I can see how she may be a good fit for some but I’m not sure we clicked.

ddelian 9/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

5 stars.

libragirl 9/3/2018 stars Phone Reading

She’s on point with her reading. Still waiting for some predictions to pass. She’s not judgmental.

DRBDRB 9/3/2018 stars Phone Reading

Tells you what the other person is thinking or feeling at that time. No sugar coating. Asks guides for answers. I feel she gets it right. Long term Predictions change often. I dont call her for those. If you want what somebody is feeling in the here and now she's great.

Chrispix 9/2/2018 stars Phone Reading

I find Eliza to be (this was my second reading w her) incredibly gifted and extremely sincere. As another review stated, it really is as if she is the conduit, stating verbatim the messages she receives which lends me to have strong confidence in what she says, whether good new or bad. Refreshing bc she then provides very good, straightforward advice in a caring way. She is one of my faves. Thank you, Eliza! :)