Psychic Eliza x7896

Psychic Eliza x7896

Honesty and Care

4½ stars

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Featured Review Heartandsoul 6/1/2018 stars Phone Reading

Love, love, love Eliza!!!! She is quick , accurate and honest ! Gets into the POI head and relays emotions, thoughts and behaviors ... You will have the insight to make sound decisions based on her info. She is kind and non judgmental and always on your side ! Thank you Eliza for always being there ! Xxxoo Maria

Ladyleo 6/4/2018 stars Phone Reading


ddelian 6/2/2018 stars Phone Reading

5 stars

Jacqueliney 6/1/2018 stars Phone Reading

She is so amazing and gifted. She is always one of three that I talk to. For me Eliza is always the voice of clarity, she alway differentiates things for me. Eliza always picks up on my situation immediately. She knows exactly what’s going on without me having to really say much. She knows what they’re feeling and what I’m feeling. Although she is compassionate, in terms of her sweet and calming voice, she is very blunt and tells you what you need to know without beating around the bush. I always feel relieved when talking to her.

Onedayatatime 5/31/2018 stars Phone Reading

Reviewing on 6/8/18..I’ve had 3 reads with her over the last few months. All have been different and none happened as she stated.

ddelian 5/26/2018 stars Phone Reading

5 stars

Libra23 5/25/2018 stars Phone Reading

Sorry we ran out of time. But good reading.

noelle16 5/24/2018 stars Phone Reading

Eliza is amazing! She was able to pick up on my situation with very little background information and share what the other person is going through, their feelings, thoughts, and actions very accurately. She gave me a ton of information in a very short time, will definitely call her again!

yogyak 5/24/2018 stars Phone Reading

Amazing at tuning into what the POI is thinking. I know this because of the specific word(s) she uses to describe him or her or the situation. She doesn't use vague or ambiguous language. For example, "He's calculating". How many other adjectives are there that she could have used? But 'calculating' is by far the most accurate word for him! Another example, she said "It doesn't make sense to me, but money is part of the reason." (It makes perfect sense to me, knowing the situation, and I know she's right!)

Chela09 5/22/2018 stars Phone Reading

Accurate reader.