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Featured Review Salima23 3/14/2018 stars Phone Reading

Spot on!!!great reading !!!

Secret 5/2/2018 stars Phone Reading

Great reading.

Secret 4/25/2018 stars Phone Reading


ElleNYC 4/15/2018 stars Phone Reading

Good but her prediction did not come to pass.

Secret 3/29/2018 stars Phone Reading


Tlynnk 2/19/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very positive, said poi feels same as me. Give it 10 days to stay apart...and positive. If I give up, he will come forward. Job issue...said to give it 3 weeks. Staffing problem and that I'm most qualified. Will be a great job for me.

Zero26 1/30/2018 stars Phone Reading

When Penelope gave me my reading. I felt a calmness and warm energy coming from her. She has a motherly way about her. It felt as if I was talking to my mother at times. She asked me a little about my situation and she filled in the rest herself and she was pretty accurate. I suggest anyone who might have some trouble in their lives or at an emotional crossroads to give Penelope a call, believe me it will really help you in whatever decisions you decide

Cjanee 1/4/2018 stars Phone Reading


Vrnheart 12/29/2017 stars Phone Reading

The 3 stars is my rating for only one simple issue , things haven't turned out to be how she says such as times frames , in fact ..It's been years later sence I've been speaking with her. She is a truly gifted women and picked up names with no knowledge on my very first phone call. It's a hard call- free will is always involved . However the feelings and relationship has stayed the same the past 2 years. Which is absolutely our fault not Penelope. I do believe she is gifted . No one can pick up an exact time. However because it was so far and is still so far off, I am leaving just 3 stars today. I will call again. She is an incredible reader and uses arch angel Michael primarily as a guide. I truly love her soft spoken voice and she is wondeful and gifted. Sometimes things just don't always work out as they may seem. Connecting with energy isn't easy and it takes physically a ton out of you! Still one on my favorites though. Thanks Penelope , this reading was accurate to the past 2 years and as my information, she is deffinetly consistent with feelings and personalities. Time frame just way far off.

Lumi1216 12/23/2017 stars Phone Reading

Great thank you.