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Featured Review chricy 11/10/2018 stars Phone Reading

I'm so glad I had a chance to speak to you today. You always put me at ease. Through the years you have always been kind and patient with me. Thank you Tami. Hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving. Thanks again, Joanne

DRBDRB 12/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

Tami, I owe you an apology and will have to eat crow for my last review. You said he would come back with an apology and want to talk and spend New Years together. I was dissapointed that I didnt see it happen. HOWEVER, he did do just as you said at 1 am on New Years. I guess it didnt happen like I thought it would but it did happen just like you said. Thank you for your accuracy and my apologies for my last review. Hugs!

DRBDRB 12/25/2018 stars Phone Reading

Nice lady. Inaccurate. POI did NOT get a hold of me to “talk or apologize”. Did NOT want to spend New years together.

Tracey32 12/22/2018 stars Phone Reading

I spoke to Christian. You were correct when you said there would be contact. He didn’t call me, I called a friend of his and he answered the phone. Not much remorse, it was if nothing had happened. After his pleasantries I said to him, “do you want to explain to me why you stole money from me” He said, I don’t have an explanation but I’m sorry. I did it but I shouldn’t have. That was it. He then said he had to go, he was going to a doctor appointment for his friends pregnant girlfriend. He’s living with her now and I gather “taking care of her” while the friend is in jail. It’s all quite depressing. He honestly doesn’t seem to have a care about me, Rachel or anything that’s not part of that seedy life. Yay drugs! I’m disengaging, can’t do this anymore, it’s pointless. He doesn’t want to change and he doesn’t want my help.

Jacqui74 12/21/2018 stars Phone Reading

So down to earth! She didn’t have to ask me many questions at all but told me what was going on and how the person I was calling about was feeling!! I will be calling her again!

Santito 12/21/2018 stars Phone Reading


Toughly1269 12/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

I love you Tami. "Bless your comforting angel heart." I'll keep you posted.

penelope1111 11/25/2018 stars Phone Reading

I just want to say that I can't believe Magick Tami is not more money. I've been talking to her for years she's about as right as it gets as far as accuracy goes. A psychic reading is all about the connection with the advisor. I called her recently and I had three specific questions in mind. I asked her the first question, she answered it and then went on to answer my other two questions without me asking them. She supports and cheers me on in a delightful , positive tone:) Give her a chance to read for you and be very open....she will not disappoint :)

dudley123 11/3/2018 stars Phone Reading

Outstanding !!!

Toughly1269 10/31/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thankyou Tami, "Hello this is Tami what's your first name?" I always say,"Tami it's me ." She then says,"Well hello angel." Always a delight. One of my favorites. Thankyou for sharing so much with me. You've been here for me during good and bad times. Things have been falling into place since I've learned to love myself more. Tami is fantastic and delightful! Love Carmela