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Psychic Lucia x7714

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Featured Review K8ielane 2/21/2017 stars Phone Reading

Fabulous! I love her. She connected with my situation and really dug into layers I hadn't mentioned or even thought of.

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Shango 8/8/2017 stars Phone Reading

When I first talked to Lucia, I felt connected with her and she seemed to read my situation well. As the reading went on, though, she started to answer my questions conditionally like, if you prepared well, this would happen; and this might happen only if you did this. It started to sound like guess work. The worse part of her reading was she wouldn't shut up and kept me from talking or moving on to the next questions.

Scarlett 4/27/2017 stars Phone Reading

Awesome reading.

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Tanzanite 2/21/2017 stars Phone Reading

Lucia sounds like a nice woman, but the reading felt more like advice and unfortunately she doesn't know much about my profession.

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seattleman 2/21/2017 stars Phone Reading

She was not at all tuned into my situation psychically. Instead she gave me generic job advice that was not at all practical for my situation.

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Chelle2016 2/21/2017 stars Phone Reading

Not sure when a psychic asks for bdays up front. Felt like she read personality traits on that. I ended call based on my gut feeling that she and I weren't connecting. Thanks, though