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Psychic Misty x7330

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Featured Review LUGOCHRIS07 7/30/2018 stars Phone Reading

I was skeptical about calling Misty at first but for some reason she kept popping up on my screen so I went with my gut and it was the best decision I made. She is direct, tells you like it is and doesn’t waste time on fluff. I love her metaphors and there was something she said about holding onto the past that I wish I could remember word for word but I loved it. Even though what she was saying was hard to hear she reassured me that better days will come. It hasn’t been to long since our last convo but I’m definitely patiently waiting. Misty is definitely one of my favorites besides her very amazing gift I love her no bs approach. Give her a call if you want direct and to the point accuracy on what may be on your mind or in your heart.

VillaT 9/3/2018 stars Phone Reading

Love her ! Direct and to the point.

latreen 8/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

Always a pleasure to talk to.

Zuzulisa 8/22/2018 stars Phone Reading

I come to you when I need a good solid dose of insight without a lot of well-wishing. Thank you ever so much! My time with you was well spent. Blessings.

ABNlove 8/13/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very accurate and to the point! You will not waste your time and money reading with Misty!

Daisy573 7/28/2018 stars Phone Reading

Sorry Misty but I dont think this was a good reading. The advice I was given did not sit well with me and my own intuition was telling me NOT to do what you suggested so I chose not to follow it. I think it would have put me in a bad position if I had. I feel my own intuition is pretty good and I look for a psychic to confirm/clarify what I am feeling to make sure I'm on the right track. This reading was the exact opposite of how I felt. I dont think I'm that off base, I think maybe you werent picking up on things accurately. If you had given me any info that I could confirm as accurate I would have felt otherwise but you didnt.

lirpa01 7/24/2018 stars Phone Reading

Hi, Misty and Thx for another reading … I wanted to see what you thought about Derek.. and the possibility of us working out.. and thought we had great potential.. but it would be 2 weeks at or 2 months before we met each other for the first time.. Steve as your correct expects everything to be 70/30 and Derek is 50/50 . unfortunately as you are correct doesn't have a lot of money right now.. , and my next test will be better this time,,and my life will will take off in different directions really fast !! and these other problems will fall to the waste side... THx and tt you soon.. xoxoxo

Libra23 7/21/2018 stars Phone Reading

Too matter of fact for me- needs to be more gentle.

Peaceofmind05 7/20/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you.

LUGOCHRIS07 7/20/2018 stars Phone Reading

Direct. Tell you like it is. Doesn’t waste time on fluff. Very accurate !