Psychic Cory x7690

Psychic Cory x7690

Truthful Perspectives !

4½ stars

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Featured Review Jetson411 6/4/2019 stars Phone Reading

Absolutely perfect! Straight to the point and very direct!

Mern02 6/4/2019 stars Phone Reading

Great reading

Cidal1 5/29/2019 stars Phone Reading

Cory is my "go-to" advisor. She is so accurate and spot on. She told me she saw number 8 concerning my issue and I heard back exactly on the 8th day! Truly gifted and easy to talk to. Thanks Cory

ElleDub 5/2/2019 stars Phone Reading

Cory was super helpful and really got a good read on the situation!

Cidal1 4/27/2019 stars Phone Reading

She was simply awesome. She was spot on with a date she said I will get contacted. And Cory's reading was like talking to a sweet friend I had peace after the reading. Thanks Cory!

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Vanessa 4/8/2019 stars Phone Reading

Reading on 4/8, she saw a job offer within 12. Received job offer 10 days later! She also said I’d have 2 options. I was contacted about a potential second offer but the timing is a little off but we will keep in touch for potential future opportunity. I got the job as she predicted within 12! Slam dunk Cory! You’re awesome!

Gordonvinson 4/3/2019 stars Phone Reading

In most of my readings over the years, I think Cory has presented a no-nonsense approach in many of her readings, which I have learned to appreciate. I think it's due to her intuitive gifts that can determine in a relatively short time, what type of advice or help that individual person needs and connects with them to determine their immediate issues. It's frank, honest, sound advice, with a loving, personal touch. However, there have been other times I was stressing and in need of caring voice, just to tell my frustrations to and she was right there to offer kind reassurance that help was just around the corner. I trust her and feel uplifted after my sessions with her. No doubt you will too.

wendy2000 3/28/2019 stars Phone Reading

Great...looks like he's keeping his job.

travel123 3/25/2019 stars Phone Reading

Amazing worth the call!! Will call again

Beaeli 3/25/2019 stars Phone Reading

I felt emotional at the end of my call because I knew I was connecting with my father, but I also felt clarity. I wanted to tell Cory about the clarity I experienced with my father’s message combined with her insight, but I didn’t have time for another call. I always feel his presence, and I love that she confirmed that with me. I also love hearing how at peace he is, he was sensitive and creative and I miss our long phone calls.