Psychic Selene x8938

Psychic Selene x8938

Unconditional Psychic Friend

4½ stars

I'm away

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Featured Review Marika99 11/5/2018 stars Phone Reading

Very good, compassionate, accurate, gifted and kind. Like her a lot.

Toughly1269 11/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

It just keeps getting better and better! Slowly but surely. You're such a blessing to me. Thankyou for your help and healing.

Toughly1269 11/7/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thankyou Selene, you're always so encouraging. Thankyou for calming me down. It's always a pleasure to speak to you. I'll keep you posted. Sorry our time ran out. I'll keep you posted as I'm able to. She's awesome. Love, Carmela

Mocha9559 11/1/2018 stars Phone Reading

Sweet Selene! You gave me hope in this very stressful path. I know that all predictions will come to pass.

Toughly1269 10/29/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you Selene for confirming my intuition. Lovely things, beautiful feelings. Hiren is really special. I'll keep you posted. Love Carmela

Mocha9559 10/28/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you, Selene! I’m sorry I am such a mess right now. All predictions will come to pass. I have faith.

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chrissy17 10/23/2018 stars Phone Reading

Right about poi reaching out to apologize and make plans again. Right about alot of details regarding situation including roommate situation. Right about timing of contact.

lukim73 10/18/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thank you.

Toughly1269 10/13/2018 stars Phone Reading

I still haven't seen the POI but we are texting. I am grateful to you. You've been right about alot of things.

Toughly1269 10/12/2018 stars Phone Reading

Thankyou Selene for reinforcing what I'm sensing. I know things are always changing for the better. I appreciate your guidance. I'll call again when I am able to you. God bless you, Love, Carmela