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Psychic Renee Marie x8632

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Featured Review Mary718 5/14/2019 stars Chat Reading

Understands what’s currently going on. Very aware of POI’s feelings and intentions. Can tell me if someone is lying and why. She is crazy accurate!

cnick51 8/9/2019 stars Chat Reading

Renee was very accurate on the things that I already knew. I also asked her about my car which she warned me, she has never done a psychic diagnostic on a car lol She was able to narrow it down to the starter and a spark. I replaced the starter recently and have had electrical problems. There's a short somewhere and I was trying to get her to narrow it down to which wire it was. I was impressed. For not being familiar with cars and parts she did really good. Renee was the best psychic I've ever spoke to. In the 23 minutes we talked, she gave me quite a bit of information. By the way Renee, she does have a scar near her knee as well as what looks like a mole. Highly recommend Renee!

cliffb 7/19/2019 stars Chat Reading

Ty for being there in my moment if panic. I did find the song u were speaking of. I sent it to her after I told her what we talked about. So praying ur prediction about the 10th or 11th comes to pass

jedfa06 7/14/2019 stars Chat Reading

Thanks so much Renee Marie! Superb reading

jedfa06 7/14/2019 stars Chat Reading


cliffb 7/11/2019 stars Phone Reading

Spectacular lady. Super nice and understanding. I pray that her prediction of my ex and i getting back rogu is true. Her guide told her that we were meant to be together. Which I felt the whole 9 1/2 years we were together. I know she was my soulmate the day we met cause when we left each other there was a rainbow above my house. So I knew it was a sign. So here I am waiting for August and her returning home.i very rarely get a sesond chance. When she comes I will show her how much I do care and hold her like it's my last day on this Earth. Renee thank you so much for the uplift. I'm trying not to lose hope and counting the days till she's back with me thereabouts in August.

oliviaabad 7/9/2019 stars Phone Reading

Very good reading. Thank you so much

Summer72 7/1/2019 stars Chat Reading

Simply the best there is. Thanks for sharing your gifts :)

Mary718 6/30/2019 stars Chat Reading

Rene said she saw me reaching out in 2. I thought I would never do that. I had a change of heart looked at the date and it was exactly 2 weeks. But it was the best decision I have ever made.

Summer72 6/27/2019 stars Chat Reading

Renee Marie is simply the best. I have never had anyone be so accurate as an advisor. Honest about what she gets from her guides regardless of whether it's what you want to hear. The best thing for me is the timing and accuracy of the account. It just takes a little patience for things to manifest or at least make sense of numbers she may give. For example, she'll tell me a few numbers are important and then I just have to wait and see if those numbers are a specific date, or day of the month and sometimes it's been weeks and hours! Pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing your gifts :)