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Psychic Kimberle x8608

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Featured Review Kimberly029 6/26/2019 stars Chat Reading

She is incredible! She picks up on everything so quick. She knew everything I was feeling spot on and gave me clarity to the outcome! I have done a couple of readings with others before but Kimberle nailed everything to the dot. If you want someone who is gonna tell you ACCURATELY what they for see for you she is the ONE!

Memoricprism 7/11/2019 stars Chat Reading

I feel very comfortable with Kimberle in regards to my reading. Thank you for your kindness and wisdom in discerning things that I felt but I worry I do not express well.

Lionshare41 7/10/2019 stars Chat Reading

On the pulse of everything as always. I Love Kimberle and I pray for our children.

604233 7/8/2019 stars Chat Reading


Connie52 7/5/2019 stars Chat Reading

Excellent and on point. Highly recommend!!!

Dollface0629 7/4/2019 stars Chat Reading

I will definitely choose this advisor in the future. She was head on super detail give me so much hope an faith I can’t wait to get another reading soon - im so blown away I keep re-reading my chat with her so happy I picked her.

BeachingIt 6/25/2019 stars Chat Reading

Good reading. Didnt get a ton of info, spirit wasnt telling her the why's- just an outcome of a lull for now. So I cant fault her but I didnt get a ton of into. I did feel she was intune though, and right on. I sense the lull.

Mizy40 6/25/2019 stars Chat Reading

Kimberle was awesome to chat with. ! Will be back again.

MDlove 6/21/2019 stars Chat Reading

Not only super accurate, she is a warm hearted true professional.

surffree 6/20/2019 stars Phone Reading

I love her style she has never sugar coated and she has been spot on for me. I usually chat but have spoken on the phone as well. She is a great resource.