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Featured Review baraness 3/1/2018 stars Phone Reading

She’s a teacher, a healer and a gifted guide into the spirit world, past lives and making sense of the human condition. She knew details no one has been privy to and she helped me understand the concept of where most of my loved ones dwell in the spiritual plane.

cherylj 3/11/2018 stars Phone Reading

Was not pleased with the reading she did not say anything that I already knew and did not answer any questions that I asked.

baraness 3/2/2018 stars Phone Reading

A masterful medium and psychic with 40 years of expertise. She’s one of the finest readers who has honed her craft. She was able to tap into a friend who passed suddenly. She knew how he passed and communicated messages with aplomb. His family has some reprieve knowing he didn’t take his life. She recalled a past life we shared and I’d had dreams of being a shaman in a past life. She mentioned this. In another reading she contacted my brother who became a spirit in 2000. He told her further details no one knew about my mom’s mental illness and its impact on how he was raised, specifically vs. how my sister and I were raised living with abuse. She provided answers to lingering questions and insight into how to deal with intense grief. If I were a millionaire, I’d call her twice a day!

brainchildd 2/15/2018 stars Phone Reading

I didn't feel confident in the reading. She gave conflicting information. When I told her what she was saying was off, I felt that she changed her reading to reflect what information I was giving her.

Bigred8338 1/24/2018 stars Phone Reading

Nothing she said rang true to my situation.

Alymarie26 1/16/2018 stars Phone Reading

She was amazing! I only had a few minutes with her but gosh she hit everything on the nail, even with personal things that I kept to myself. She had me in tears! She is amazing!

love1973 1/2/2018 stars Phone Reading

I enjoyed talking to Shandra she was very insightful on the guy I was talking about. She picked on things I kept to myself and didn't want to admit. She was able to pick up on my energy and give me some good advice.

Susieq5858 12/18/2017 stars Phone Reading

Shandra did an awesome job for me. She picked up on things she could have never known. Shandra told me things that even I could have not known. She was very to the point and direct with her readings. I had to answer very little questions, she supplied all the information. I would get a reading from Shandra again.

Redfluffy 10/23/2017 stars Phone Reading

Insightful-Picked up on matters correctly. I would call again.

Ru4elaine 10/11/2017 stars Phone Reading

My second reading with her was asking her to offer insight into drama in our life and provide insight. She offered insight into our home sale and was accurate (so far!) providing peace of mind. She has also made other predictions that have come true !