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BrandonP 10/28/2023 stars Chat Reading

Words cannot describe how patient, nice and genuinely caring Vida is!! I have been getting readings with her for a while now, I am so happy to always reach out and message her, because she is so truthful and honest. Vida again thank you, you have saved my anxiety tremendously. Please reach out to her, you will not be disappointed, as she really cares about your growth!!! And finds the best paths.

Vida replied...

Thank you as always. You're the real star; always showing up for the life you want AND deserve!

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ComancheWoman7 9/21/2023 stars Chat Reading

I am sorry it took me so many days to get back to you. She’s one of the new Psychic Source also impressed me very much. She told me what I needed to know not what I wanted to hear. If you had more psychics like her on here, then I would not look elsewhere. There’s some psychics on here, that I have large doubts about, but not this one! Readings were clear, the time periods are precise, and she’s very wise in the way that she tells you about things. She’s also going to become another one of my advisors in a favorite one as well. Thank you for your reading and God bless you with many many times.

Vida replied...

Your kindness humbles me. What we do as advisors is not always easy. People are not always receptive, and that can cause blockages. But customers like YOU are the reason why I can be successful, so thank YOU! I'm so grateful for your feedback.

WiseOne2050 9/17/2023 stars Phone Reading

I LOVE Vida. I felt like I had called up my mom for advice. Kind soothing voice. I felt very assured of what actions I needed to take after chatting with her.

Vida replied...

Thank you so much for your kind words. I appreciate you taking the time to submit feedback. So grateful for you!

BrandonP 9/16/2023 stars Chat Reading

I cannot express my level of thankfulness abs gratitude from Vida. She is an advisor and life coach who has an incredible gift. She really knows how to bring my anxiety down from so much to literally nothing. Her predictions are accurate and has never mis-guided me. I truly believe in her and her space is comforting and allows you to feel heard. She will give you answers and guidance. Vida thank you again, I can’t wait to tell you what happens next!

Vida replied...

I am ALWAYS grateful for your kind words. The way you show up for yourself and do the work is what makes the ultimate difference in your life! YOU are the star, I'm just the spotlight. :)

BritneyM 9/10/2023 stars Chat Reading

Well she was NOT accurate about the job interview, so I have no reason to believe anything else she “predicted”.

Vida replied...

I hate that you experienced disappointment, but predictions that involve MULTIPLE people can change with a single event, conversation, etc. Time is FLUID, and this is something that we as humans struggle to understand. I wish you the best.

travel123 9/8/2023 stars Phone Reading

Awesome thank you

Vida replied...

Thank you so much. I truly appreciate you!

BrandonP 8/31/2023 stars Chat Reading

Vida is spot on with her predictions! I cannot express my happiness and relief talking with her. Vida makes it easy to speak your mind and where you want to be in life. I am so happy to connect with Vida where she understands me so well. She is very personal and never asks to remind her of yourself. Vida has helped me so much and in such an incredible amount of time. She has pulled me from one of my hardest times to now guiding me. You will be left with a smile and feeling safe and peaceful. Vida you are a guardian angel. Please chat with her. She will leave you speechless what she can pick up!!

Vida replied...

Your kindness always surprises me and leaves me in complete gratitude. I'm so proud of YOU for doing the hard part, and that's implementation.

myteamsoflight61 8/26/2023 stars Phone Reading

OMG, Vida has the clearest insight into your situation and she articulates what she sees very clearly. Vida delivers her insights in a very objective way, showings the pros and cons and provides picture of possible outcomes so that you can make a sound decision on which course to take. Talking to Vida was like consulting with a therapist, very soothing, very real, and very grounded advice. I didn’t get any sugar-coated insights which I truly appreciate so that I know what I’m really up against. I’ll definitely be reaching out to her in all of my moments of unclarity. She deserves more than 5 starts, actually. Thanks again, Vida!!

Vida replied...

Thank you so much for your gracious feedback. I am truly overwhelmed by and grateful for words. It's reviews like yours that actually help others understand how I work and what to expect during their time with me. I appreciate you so much!

BrandonP 8/20/2023 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Vida once again to the rescue. She is amazing, she is accurate and spot on. I cannot express her guidance is from deep down, from the heart and soul. She does not sugar coat anything. She tells everything and doesn’t hide anything. If you are feeling stuck or hopeless, Vida will guide you to your life goals, over and over. She is the best to work with and I can happily say she is my go to!

Vida replied...

Thanks again. You're the best! You do the work, make positive changes, and the Universe rewards you. I'm super proud of you! :)

PrettyKp 8/12/2023 stars Phone Reading

Did not connect. Like at all.

Vida replied...

Sorry you felt this way. I connected with your guides and delivered what I saw and heard; sorry it didn't resonate. Be well. :)