Psychic Raina x3342

Psychic Raina x3342

Compassionate Guidance

4½ stars

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Featured Review Shake30 12/30/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thanks Raina for a great reading. You are right on point and I shall follow your guidance.

Bluebell108 1/19/2020 stars Chat Reading


Nick19 1/16/2020 stars Phone Reading

I had few reading with Raina. Everything what she said to me in the past already happened Details are amazing,I didn’t give her to many informations I hope what she said to me will happen Thanks lady

Bluebell108 1/14/2020 stars Chat Reading

Raina is like that person you go to when you just need someone to say you got this. I got this!

Bluebell108 1/4/2020 stars Chat Reading

Thank you Raina!

Kitty123 1/3/2020 stars Chat Reading

I didn't tell it but her solution was exactly what I had thought of so this was a good confirmation. Oh the joys of being parent, ugh. Thanks Raina!

Kitty123 1/2/2020 stars Chat Reading

Very good. Answered quickly.

Rich09 12/30/2019 stars Chat Reading

I don't feel like she connected with me.

1freed1 12/27/2019 stars Phone Reading

Thaaaaank uuuu has Raina... there’s nothing more beautiful than the truth.. whatever that may look like. Many blessings and light to you Ttys!

Summer89 12/27/2019 stars Phone Reading

Such a sweetheart I definitely understood, made some great points that I need to take in life.