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Psychic Joanne x4733

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Featured Review rcpla852 5/19/2022 stars Phone Reading

Joanne is amazing. She always is high energy, organized and informed. She is popular and it’s no wonder why

Joanne replied...

Thank you dear. I appreciate you. Message from Angel Raphael "You will have situations or topics that will make your heart flutter".

aliadara420 8/8/2022 stars Phone Reading

Perfect call. So peaceful, powerful and on point. My new favorite reader.

Joanne replied...

Thank you. Archangel Jeremiel message: "You will be starting a new life and finding your purpose."

Goguac 8/6/2022 stars Chat Reading

Just ok

Joanne replied...

Thank you for your feedback. Continue to have patience, new love will come in soon, continue to move forward from the old. Ange Raphael message: "A new emotional situation and great intuitive insights."

aviation 7/21/2022 stars Phone Reading

Excellent! Thank you!

Joanne replied...

You are most welcome! Archangel Azrael message: "Release the past, there is a more enriching future coming."

Eronica41 7/18/2022 stars Chat Reading

Good reading

Joanne replied...

Thank you my dear! Angel Ariel message: "Nurture yourself and those you love, you have the ability to make anything more beautiful."

Nellie 7/15/2022 stars Chat Reading

She has great insight. I always come back to her and she was the only psychic who recognized my Twin Flame. Thank you Joanne.

Joanne replied...

Thank you Nasim! Archangel Raziel: "You can manifest the life you want; successful beginnings."

Smalls21 6/27/2022 stars Phone Reading

I've been using Joanne now for over a few months, she is awesome for learning and know where you need to be and go in career, and life purpose.

Joanne replied...

Awe! Thank you my dear! Angel Raphael message: "Love and blessings fill your life! Harmonious relationships with family members."

Smalls21 5/31/2022 stars Phone Reading

Joanne is awesome and always on point! Her energy level is always welcoming and warm.

Joanne replied...

Thank you! Angel Raphael message: "A community of friends, and happy announcements regarding relationships or children will bring you joy."

BellsBells 5/31/2022 stars Phone Reading

Joanne! I'm so sorry! The phone shut off in the middle of our reading! You are so accurate about all that is happening right now. We will talk again.

Joanne replied...

Thank you Joy! I appreciate you! Angel Ariel message: "You needn't go go through your current challenges alone."

11MasterManifestor11 5/25/2022 stars Phone Reading

I enjoyed my reading and Joanne really gave me somethings to think about. I’m not feeling triggered, and I’ll take that as win. I’ve been on this journey, and I’m so appreciative of it. As you noted, love is there and I do believe it will be enough to overcome anything. I get to have my happy ending with my POI. Before I called you, I opened a fortune cookie… It was just sitting there as if it was waiting for me. It read… A new relationship is about to blossom, you will be blessed. Thank you for your help.

Joanne replied...

Awe! Thank you for your reply and yes your tarot love spread was GORGEOUS (I am somewhat jealous lol) and I am of the belief you will have what you say, hopefully with a person that has a healthy connection with you. Being "triggered" isn't always negative, we can be triggered by others in a positive way that can change our lives, to the point where they lead us to find our true life partner. Keep me updated, I am of the belief you will have that love you are looking for soon. Angel Uriel message: "Stability and efficiency, taking charge of a situation will allow for your ambitious plans."