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Psychic Heidi x4973 stars Chat Reading

Heidi was wonderful and I felt like she was very genuine. She gave me an answer regarding my relationship that helped me find some peace.


Psychic Hunter x4875 stars Chat Reading

Very insightful even with a difficult and emotional subject. Empathetic and kind but honest and straightforward. I felt blessed to have spent time with her.


Psychic Addison x3641 stars Chat Reading

Very kind and insightful


Psychic Alanna x4946 stars Chat Reading

Very kind and helped me explore my focus. My perspective was focused on the wrong point and Alanna reminded me to put my energy into my relationship and not my worries.


Psychic Epiphany x4944 stars Chat Reading

I appreciated Epiphany so much. She was personable and easy to talk to and I felt like she confirmed my intuition. She also unknowingly reassured me that my decision about this situation was the correct thing to do even if others disagree.


Psychic Tory x4932 stars Chat Reading

Tory was insightful and positive. She also gave me “solutions” or “actions” that I can take to improve the situation I was concerned about.


Psychic Devi x3197 stars Chat Reading

Very insightful and helped me refocus my energy.


Psychic Raven x3620 stars Chat Reading

Raven was wonderful and I felt very connected to her energy and wisdom.


Psychic Janelle x4814 stars Chat Reading

I felt an immediate connection with Janelle and she gave me important information that I needed to know to help me obtain some peace in my relationship. She was awesome and I will definitely seek her advice again.


Psychic Raina x3342 stars Chat Reading

Raina was very accurate with her readings. She gave me sound advice and clarity in my situation. I will definitely speak with her again