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Psychic Shandra x8225 stars Phone Reading

I thought Shandra was lovely, she gave me a wonderful reading. It was really nice to not be asked a million questions when you are the one searching for answers either ). I felt a connection with Shandra and really appreciated the way she read and spoke, she definately came through for me with my reading. Thank you very much Shandra


Psychic Constance x3388 stars Phone Reading

No connection for me personally. All she did was ask ME questions. That didn’t impress me at all, just made me frustrated. I’ve been impressed in the past before- a couple of times actually and I gave away diddly squat. That’s the kind of readings I like. She told me I was trying to hard to find a connection. Maybe. But I still shouldn’t have to answer 20 questions in the first 5 minutes before you go on to tell me to look for butterflies. Or when I lose my keys that’s my sign. Lol, Please. Anyone can relate to that. I wanted something more. Something personal. I feel rude writing this. But this is my honest review.