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Psychic Winston x3618 stars Chat Reading

Winston is the best. Caring, knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommended.


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Psychic Barbara x7866 stars Chat Reading

Barbara provided the best reading so far allowing for a significant and meaningful dialogue with respect to a recent passing of a family member. She was aware of many of the details that were not brought about by previous psychic mediums. Some things were unclear to me, but given her first connection and reading it was remarkably accurate.


Psychic Jenna x3604 stars Chat Reading

Jenna did an excellent reading on connecting with a loved one who recently passed. Some specifics that were not provided from others. Jenna will be caring and accurate with respect to her guidance. Highly recommended.


Psychic Izzy x9366 stars Chat Reading

Izzy is a nice and good hearted psychic who helped facilitate my connection with a recently deceased family member. She is patient and caring and I would highly recommend her on any loss or grieving issues.


Psychic Anja x8147 stars Chat Reading

Good reading.


Psychic Seraphina x9023 stars Chat Reading

Nice and professional.


Psychic Marlaina x3430 stars Chat Reading

Marlaina was direct in responses to my concern on a family member's passing. The guidance was conforting and helpful.


Psychic Iris x3493 stars Chat Reading

Very pleasant and easy to work with.


Psychic Angela x9978 stars Chat Reading

Angela was kind and provided some insights into a recent passing. Some areas of opportunity on specifics as it was general in scope.


Psychic Sabrina x3429 stars Chat Reading

Very good reading with insights into a family member who passed away recently. Pleasant and helpful communication allowed for a valuable session. Highly recommended.