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Psychic Danielle x7913 stars Chat Reading

Danielle... is the real deal!! She is well in tuned and knows what is going on. She is a sweetheart and a really accurate reader! I always enjoy my chats with her and would definitely recommend her!! XOXO Thanks Danielle!!


Psychic Artemis x3598 stars Chat Reading

Definitely deserves more than 5 stars!! She is truly gifted in her abilities and honest with her clients! I admire her for that . Ohhh..if she sees something that is not so good, she will tell you. I really appreciate her looking out for me. As for her reading, she is spot on accurate! I love her humor , as well ! I not only consider her to be an awesome advisor but someone that I consider a true friend. She is truly a wonderful person with a beautiful spirit who really makes a difference. Definitely give her a try!! Thank you so much, Artemis XO


Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

Wow!! Ricky really impresses me with each reading! His abilities are phenomenal and definitely one of the best! He has a very soothing voice and truly cares for his clients. I love getting calls from him and he is also very understanding and nonjudgmental. Thanks so much.. Ricky!!


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Psychic Gigi x4680 stars Phone Reading

Gigi... is a must get a read from!! Absolutely phenomenal! She very well in tuned and read with such precision and accuracy! I am in line again! Thank you so much..Gigi xo


Psychic Julie x8015 stars Phone Reading

Julie is a very good reader and I found her to be easy to talk with about my predicament. I feel, she was on point in many things. I will definitely recommend her! Thanks so much!!


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Psychic Ricky x8106 stars Phone Reading

Ricky is well worth the wait!! He is extremely gifted and accurate reader! I always look forward to his calls .... because he is definitely one of the most amazingly truly gifted on this site. Thanks.. Ricky and you deserve more than 5 starts, for sure!!


Psychic Sapphire x3149 stars Phone Reading

Sapphire, is awesome and always has been for me!! She channels the information fast! She doesn’t waste your time and brings much clarity in her readings. She is accurate and well in tuned with the spiritual realms and always delivers love and light!! She is simply wonderful!!


Psychic Divinity x4670 stars Phone Reading

She gave a good reading !


Psychic Angelica x9393 stars Chat Reading

She is one of the best! I love her energy, its very soothing and calming. She is really in tuned and accurate. I always enjoy my readings with her She brings much joy and hope in my difficult situation. She is honest and always very helpful and gives much needed clarity. Seriously give her a try and SEE for yourself!


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Psychic Ace x3562 stars Phone Reading

Ace is truly absolutely amazing! She is able to pick up where she leaves off and it’s been a week, since I last talked to her. She picks up a lot and is extremely gifted and detailed! She said things about my circumstances that only I would know. Ace is also consistent I her perditions and though mine could further out.... it could be 10 days, 10 weeks, or the month October and possibly 10 months. She is confident that things will unfold. She is very reassuring and has the sweetest most caring soul. When she was told me...her guide Michael said that I was amazing, she got goosebumps and I felt her warming loving energy from it. Honestly , I never see myself as that and I always see myself flawed in many different aspects. However, it did help me realize ...,I am critical on myself for a reason.... it’s spiritual growth and trying to become a better me. I have felt off path all my life and felt like I was the only one that did not get a memo on my life’s journey , as to what am I supposed to do or what I was called to do. I found the answers, thanks to Ace and other advisors on this site! They truly see me and it’s wonderful not to try to explain to others who I am and why I feel this way .... is because I feel , sense and just know. I thought something was wrong with me my whole life but it’s refreshing to finally realize the truth. I was given these abilities naturally, it my birth right and it runs in my family for many generations back and I also found out I am a natural born healer. I’m truly honored to know that my calling is spiritual and holistic. I’m supposed to be helping others. I can definitely live with that! Thank you so much Ace!! XO love and light to you and yours always!!