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Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Phone Reading

One Thing for sure & another thing for certain is that Ivanka is the t r u t h she is my first go to for clarity & insight if she's not on I have to be really desperate to get advice from someone else , her vibe is blunt but comfortable I LOVE HER thanks again & talk to you soon !


Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Phone Reading

EVERY TIME I Call Ivanka she’s always on point , surface , the core yes ALL OF THAT she’s honest and blunt but respectful if you want the truth she is highly recommended, she very quick with her insight I LOVE READING SESSIONS WITH HER thank you so much sending the highest of vibrations love and light to you Vanka !


Psychic Ivanka x3372 stars Phone Reading

Ivanka is a beautiful soul to talk to always direct never discreet and she’s honest , if I see that Ivanka is online I know for sure that I will be reaching out to her ! I love how honest and blunt she is ever since my first reading with her which was un12/2021 I knew that she was one of my favorites highly recommended !!! Thanks so Much for your awesome insights until next time


Psychic Seshen x4825 stars Phone Reading

My reading with Seshen was very, very good. She was direct on the subjects I asked her about. She was patient with my concerns and on point with her feedback. She was very sensitive with the feedback she saw even though I told her she didn’t have to hold back anything. Seshen is a great listener and she remembers details. Is very open, honest, and quick with her responses. We talked for hours. I will definitely be calling her back very soon! Thanks again Seshen. Until next time my friend.


Psychic Epiphany x4841 stars Phone Reading

First of all, I loved your energy, guidance, your honesty, and openness. It was like speaking with a long distance friend who was very willing to let me know the truth. Redirecting me with positive energy after I just wanted to reassure myself with what I didn’t want to be true. Very eye opening and also very down to earth with just your tone! So warming and definately reassuring with your guidance. First time speaking with Epiphany and it was great, I will be in touch more often.


Psychic Sarma x4764 stars Phone Reading

Sarma is so caring and compassionate. She very detailed in explaining her insights. She tells the truth and doesn’t hold back on leading you in the right direction of your concern(s). Always very encouraging and non-judgemental. I love her warm energy and the fact that she’s intuned with the divine healing energies.